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Juma Rajabum

Managing Director, Max Malipo

Max Malipo was an outcome of Maxcom Africa, which was founded in 2008. Operations began in 2010, with a core focus on bridging the gap between service providers and consumers. We saw that many service providers were only able to serve people through very few outlets across the country. There was so much demand that people had to wait in line to be attended to. We undertook to resolve this. Max Malipo is working to make retail services more like consumer goods, and more widely available in places where people might be buying other convenience items. We create payment gateways for a variety of services, which can be used by customers and retail agents alike.

George Mulamula

CEO, Teknohama Business Incubator

The incubator was set up as a public-private partnership (PPP) by the World Bank, InfoDelf, the government of Tanzania, and the private sector. Initially, we started with Vodafone and are now with the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA). The basic idea behind this was to help ICT companies, or people with ICT ideas, to grow, formalize, and impact the economy in terms of bringing about development and realizing the country’s vision 2025. In order to do so, we provide business development services across the chain from the idea stage through to company foundation. This includes providing our partners with networking opportunities, mentoring, coaching, proposal writing, and setup. And, if a client comes in with an idea as a pre-incubatee, we try to make it bankable, and then assist in the development of a prototype, whereupon the company is opened, registered, and taken to market in order to make a difference. Another role we play is in making sure that graduates who emerge from the incubator do not become job seekers, but job creators.

Mbutho Chibwaye

Senior Consultant, Mbutho Chibwaye

Digital Brain officially started in 2008, at a time when I was employed by the government in the Department of Medicine. In 2009, I resigned from my position, and since then have been working as a full-time entrepreneur running Digital Brain. We offer a number of products, but chiefly focus on four products and services. The first is software development. We develop software for the customer based on easy-to-maintain technology, and are using open-source technology to do it. The second product we offer is IT security. We make an assessment of the clients’ systems that involves risk investigation, information system auditing, and system penetration testing. The third product we offer is consultancy in terms of product management and general advice regarding IT. The fourth is what we call “Boot Camp Training.” This is a product that has taken us to the level that we have reached today. When we started the company, the initial revenue we generated came from this product. This service teaches IT technology and software through a short course with hands-on training and provides practical knowledge.

Taha Jiwaji

Founder & CEO, Bongo Live

My parents owned a computer store, and their challenge was marketing their products to the right audience. They didn’t have the correct medium and most of their customers were students or lived in rural areas. Newspapers didn’t cater to such customer groups and there was nothing available that was cheap or cost-effective enough for them to use regularly. At that point, about three years ago, mobiles were starting to take off and become more mainstream as a business. That is how the key concept came about, while I was still working in the US. The basic idea behind Bongo Live is an opt-in SMS advertising service. Customers can opt-in to receive offers based on their interests, and businesses can send offers to their target demographic. It helps businesses reach new customers, while also allowing them to communicate with their existing customer base. Our platform has tools to help users regularly stay in touch with customers. It is focused primarily on SMS, but currently we are looking at email and other marketing media as well. We have evolved our technology based on what our customers demand.



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