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MEXICO - Economy

Lorenzo Vianello

President, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico (CCIM)


Lorenzo Vianello has been President of CCIM for the past four years, previously serving as its vice president for 12 years. He came in Mexico in 1992 to conduct research for his thesis at the University of Verona in Italy and began his career here in 1993. For the last 30 years, Vianello has been involved in business activities including importing Italian textiles, hosiery, underwear and swimwear brands, and Italian professional and industrial cleaning equipment. Vianello has been a member of Aspen Institute Italia over a decade and was conferred Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy in 2023 by the President of the Italian Republic.

With over 75 years of experience in Mexico, CCIM has become an important voice of experience for companies looking to succeed in the country. What are Mexico’s main obstacles in […]
With over 75 years of experience in Mexico, CCIM has become an important voice of experience for companies looking to succeed in the country.
What are Mexico’s main obstacles in terms of attracting investment for nearshoring, and what can be done to overcome these challenges?

Nearshoring is extremely important for Mexico, and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico held two events related to it in 2023, during the Convention of the Italian Chambers in North America. There are nine Italian chambers of Commerce in North America—one in Mexico, three in Canada, and five in the US—and all their presidents and directors came for this event. The event was held in San Miguel de Allende, primarily because it is the heart of where nearshoring is taking place, and there are already Italian companies such as Pirelli, Ferrero, and many others located nearby. The goal of such events is to connect Italian companies with their international counterparts and to encourage an exchange between businesses, investments and industries between Italy and the target countries. Our events have been focused particularly on two main sectors: the automotive and agroindustrial ones. While the Italian automotive sector has been taking full advantage of the benefits of nearshoring, there are still many opportunities which haven’t been utilized regarding the agroindustrial sector.

How can CCIM assist investors trying to enter the Mexican market?

I would recommend working closely with the Italian Chamber of Commerce, since we have over 75 years of experience in Mexico. Italian chambers of commerce around the world are associations of business leaders who live in those countries and understand how to do business there. They also have large networks and can help companies in many different ways. Even though the Italian community in Mexico is considered “small,” with only 45,000 Italians living here, it has grown quickly and proven to be a productive community. In the industrial sector, for example, many Italian companies have come to Mexico produce here and export the finished products to other countries. In the last few years, the most important companies have decided to set up R&D centers. Italian companies are also well known for being extremely socially responsible and working with the local communities to develop the area. In Mexico, the Italian Chamber of Commerce continues to strengthen this practice via its event Premio Italia Mexico, which began 14 years ago. This is our biggest event of the year, where we reward and recognize those companies that consistently stimulate economic, productive, and commercial relationships for investment between Italy and Mexico. Two years after the first edition, we also incorporated an additional award recognizing Italian people, companies, or organizations that contribute to and oversee socially enriching activities in Mexico.

What key projects is the Italian Chamber of Commerce focusing on right now?

We have four major projects that are repeated every year, including Premio Italia Mexico. Another is the Italia Ferrari golf tournament, which is specifically designed for networking between Italian, Mexican, and other international entrepreneurs. All our projects at the moment are focused on networking, promoting everything Italian, investment projects, and also our specific services. For example, for Italian companies that want to come to Mexico, we can offer market studies or exploratory missions in B2B with specific targets. We have also connected Mexican companies to trade fairs in Italy so that they can purchase Italian machinery. We also organize the Mexican Pizza Championship, a festival to promote the real Italian pizza, which has helped increase the consumption of Italian flour, cheese, and tomatoes in Mexico in the past few years. In 1Q2024, we will also organize the first Italian fashion and design summit, which will feature industry experts and focus on important topics related to Italian fashion, the future of fashion globally, sustainability in luxury fashion, and communication trends. We will bring in various important Italian personalities for this major event. Another area of focus for us is to bring the Milano-Sanremo cycling race here and organize a major race for cyclists in Mexico.



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