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MEXICO - Economy

Luis Durán Luján

Managing Director, Grupo Industrial Monclova (GIMSA)


Luis Durán is Managing Director of GIMSA. Previously, he was managing director of Strategy Primus. He was also vice president of International Markets in FEMSA and president of the National Education Commission for COPARMEX. He is currently member of COPARMEX, the Aspen Institute Mexico, Atlas Beverages, Christel House, Ebeltec, and T1 Internet. He has served on other boards such as the CEEG, Walden University, and COMCE. Durán holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from ITESM and a master’s degree in international business from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

"We care a lot about the environment. This is why we want to create organic fertilizer with our lime mining company."
TBY talks to Luis Durán Luján is Managing Director of Grupo Industrial Monclova (GIMSA).
What new industries is the company investing to enter?

We have a joint venture with Greenbrier, a company from the US, where we build rail cars for markets around the world. We went into a down cycle at the start of the pandemic, though it is just about over. GIMSA is also a strong player in the energy industry. We build offshore oil platforms, mostly in the US and Mexico. We focus on building on our strengths. We recently started another joint venture to produce end covers for the rail tank cars. We are also building trailer tanks for highway transportation together with Greenbrier, bringing the total number of joint ventures with Greenbrier to three. Greenbrier GIMSA produces railroad tanks, GG Trailers makes chassis and trailer tanks, and GG Sinergy makes the covers for rail car tanks. All of our businesses create many jobs and provide opportunities for growth in Monclova. On the industrial side of our company, we have three large factories, one of which focuses on the maintenance of steel-producing equipment. We have a strong relationship with some of the biggest suppliers of steel and will continue to build on that. We have another factory that can build all kinds of equipment with steel, aluminum parts, and cast iron.

What expansion opportunities have you identified in the US?

We want to develop more markets and clients in the US. The supply chain in the US broke down because of all the issues with China and other geographies during the pandemic. We are right here nearby with extensive experience. Our joint ventures with Greenbrier are producing many items that were previously imported from China. Our delivery times are about a day or two. Companies are desperate for this now. In this particular division where we have these three factories, there is an opportunity for significant growth.

Can you elaborate on the investments GIMSA is doing in the area of sustainability?

We want to become responsible corporate citizens that both do business and take care of the environment. We also want to foster a great working environment for employees. Amazing things happen when employees are satisfied and motivated in their workplace. GG Synergies became the first company in Monclova to be a great place to work.



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