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Luis Miguel Fernandez President, TEBSA

COLOMBIA - Energy & Mining

Luis Miguel Fernández

President, TEBSA


Luis Miguel Fernández has over 20 years of experience in multinational and national companies operating in the electricity generating sector. He has been the CEO of Termocandelaria Power LTD (TPL) and the President of TEBSA since 2010, where he has led the value creation transition of both entities from a public-private association (PPA) platform to a fully private operation.

"Since its inception, TEBSA has played a critical role in supporting the energy consumption needs of the region and country."
TEBSA prioritizes natural gas as the least polluting fuel for energy production. It is also actively pursuing diversification in its production capacity to include renewable projects.
What have been the key contributors to TEBSA’s success and growth over the years?

Since its inception, TEBSA has played a critical role in supporting the energy consumption needs of the region and country. We are an essential asset that ensures the proper operation of the electrical system in the Caribbean region and Colombia, and our energy production enables Colombia to support critical sectors and avoid energy rationing. Our power system is a combination of 70% hydropower and 30% thermal power, as Colombia relies on thermal assets to meet its energy demands. At our core, we prioritize the highest quality, security, and efficiency standards. We strive to provide services that meet these standards and are technologically oriented. We understand the importance of maintaining rigorous standards in our operations to ensure a reliable and sustainable energy supply. Our commitment to quality and efficiency drives our operations and enables us to fulfill our role in supporting the energy needs of our region and country. We take pride in our contribution to Colombia’s energy landscape and remain dedicated to upholding our role as a reliable and responsible energy provider. We continue to strive for excellence in our operations, always mindful of the critical role we play in supporting the energy requirements of our region and country.

How does the company leverage its expertise to position itself as a competitive player in the energy market, and what is its unique value proposition?

Our focus is on quality and efficiency, combining technology and economy to provide the most reliable energy source at the lowest possible cost. We prioritize the use of efficient technologies that have minimal environmental impact. To ensure a stable supply of gas for our plants, we have taken proactive measures, including participating in the development of the only existing LNG importation facility in Colombia, located in Cartagena. Recognizing the diminishing gas reserves, we took the initiative to secure a long-term gas supply for our operations and the Colombian energy sector. The energy import plant in Cartagena was strategically developed to meet our needs and provide efficient and reliable power capacity to the national grid and the Caribbean region. Our commitment to innovation and forward-thinking solutions has had a significant impact on the efficiency and reliability of our energy system. We are proud to have taken proactive steps to address the challenges of the changing energy landscape and ensure a sustainable supply of energy for our operations and the broader Colombian energy sector. By leveraging technology, efficiency, and strategic partnerships, we continue to remain at the forefront of delivering reliable and cost-effective energy solutions while minimizing our environmental footprint.

How does TEBSA Colombia prioritize sustainability and environmental impact in its operations?

We prioritize natural gas as the least polluting fuel for energy production, ensuring an eco-friendly solution for our region and Colombia. Our gas consumption also supports investments in gas production capabilities, helping to ensure availability for other consumers at competitive prices and reduce environmental impact. Furthermore, our gas transport operations enable us to negotiate favorable rates, benefiting the gas market and reducing costs for residential and industrial consumers. In addition, we invest in education and entrepreneurship programs to support local communities and promote economic growth. These initiatives contribute to the well-being of people in our region and Colombia. Our operations ensure reliable electric system functioning, while also demonstrating our commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility in our region and Colombia.

What key initiatives or projects are you particularly excited about not only for the second part of 2023, but also in the coming years?

As part of our forward-looking strategy, we are actively pursuing diversification of our production capacity to include renewable projects. We recognize the importance of incorporating sustainable energy sources into our operations to reduce our environmental impact and support a greener future. In addition to renewable energy, we also plan to modernize portions of our existing capacity to enable the consumption of greener fuels, such as a mix of gas and hydrogen. This will allow us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the energy sector and contribute to the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. By embracing these initiatives, we are positioning ourselves to be leaders in the adoption of renewable energy and innovative technologies. We are committed to driving positive change in our industry and making a meaningful contribution to mitigating climate change and promoting sustainability.



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