The Business Year

Fernando Pardillo

General Director, Volvo

One of Volvo’s main brand values is that it cares about people, which is something we always try to prove. The first thing is safety, which has been one of Volvo’s core values since the company was founded and this continues today. We have an automatic braking system that has reduced collisions by 30% in Colombia. In some countries, insurance for Volvos is cheaper than for other brands because Volvos are safer. This concept is extremely well developed because Volvo started applying it five years ago. The system initially just detected cars; however, it now detects animals, pedestrians, and bikes. The pilot-assist is also excellent for safety because most accidents happen when the driver is not paying attention to the road. This is one of our key pillars in relation to caring about people. In terms of environmental impact, worldwide Volvo has decided to phase out internal combustion engines. From 2019, all new models will have an electric component, whether hybrid or fully electric. We are starting that strategy in Colombia in 2018 and bringing in certain hybrids. The third pillar of caring about people is our design, based on the “design around you“ concept. At Volvo, our cars are not just luxurious in order to show off; they are made this way to simplify people’s lives. This is our main differentiation.

Henry Avila

General Manager, Ferrari Colombia and Panama

Ferrari is positioned as a car line for a particular user who likes speed, design, luxury, as well as standard cars. I am not saying the other brands do not have them; however, all these factors are enclosed in a smaller equation in Ferrari. Ferrari is not aimed precisely at the public; it is a special product with particular characteristics, standards of performance, and perfection between the particular relationship between man and machine. We have a strategy with three focuses: the connoisseur Ferraristas, which manufacturers call repeaters; a new generation of luxury, speed, and Ferrari brand lovers who have wanted to be part of the family; and those Ferraristas who own a Ferrari but do not want to purchase a new car. The concept of Ferrari is exclusive: they are cars with little mileage and maintenance. All this has given the brand the possibility of moving a community that has become closer and known. The dealer’s function is to tend to them in a personalized way, and subsequently promote the growth of the brand in that community that becomes both ambassadors and bestsellers of the brand and the experience. Ferrari is the experience of a passion, the experience of an impeccable machine, and the experience of speed and design.

Robert Kunzel

General Manager, Robert Kunzel

We started in 2009 as a sub-distributor of Maserati. There was already a regional importer placed in Panama. We took this sub-distributor and started working on Maserati with it. Introducing the brand was not easy, but we saw good results. We started with a small operation, which gradually increased. We signed a contract with the factory in mid-2015. We made a USD1 million investment in inventory and the showroom that follow Maserati’s international regulations. Because we have direct contact with the factory and I am the official importer, we have the purchase-sale, import, and billing processes under direct control. Since there are no intermediaries, we maintain transparency through every step. We unveiled the Levante SUV in October 2016 with an excellent reception. In 2018, we will open directly in Medellí­n. We already have units there and in Calí­, but the market in Antioquia is not mature enough to have a showroom such as ours. These luxury brands attract a particular type of buyer. We have dedicated ourselves to identifying a certain buyer profile composed mainly of people of emerging and recent success. We approach people at certain kinds of events, such as horse-riding events, to meet those who fit the profile but might not otherwise visit our facilities.



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