The Business Year

Healthy doses of local flavor, freshness, and hospitality get many of the island's luxury destinations halfway to where they need to be.

Myrtle V. Dwyer

Director, Glamour Luxury Destination Concierge

Originally called Glamour Tours, since 1987 we have been focused on bringing large business meetings and media players to Jamaica. Since then, we have evolved into managing transportation for individual clients. In 2007 we rebranded as Glamour Destination Management and in 2017, as Glamour Luxury Destination Concierge, in order to offer a range of experiences for groups, couples, families, and special interest groups. One of the company’s strongest points is its corporate social responsibility program, called “Partnership with a Mission.“ We partner with overseas companies that want to give back to the country, such as refurbishing schools, supporting children’s homes, or constructing a home, and we have partnered with Food For The Poor and Fix a Playing Field. As a rule, we help clients maximize their experience by facilitating every aspect of travel. We also work in conjunction with VIP Attractions Club Mobay to provide fast track immigration and customs as well as outbound security into the VIP Lounge. We also customize prepaid day trips and excursions, providing translators and guides if requested, that allow clients to relax and enjoy themselves. Clients disembarking from cruise ships have a range of pre-booked activities, including lunch reservations and sun beds on the beach. For elite activities, we offer helicopter rides to the Blue Mountain for romantic getaways.

Jason Henzell

Chairman, Jake’s Hotel, Villas, and Spa

My mother Sally Henzell started Jake’s in the 1980s as a restaurant in Treasure Beach, a little fishing village on the south coast. In the beginning, only German backpackers came through the area on a tight budget. I acquired the neighboring land and opened a hotel, and year after year, we continued to build rooms and eventually villas with a unique style. Over time, our small hotel has grown to a medium-sized hotel with 150 employees. Initially, we worked with Chris Blackwell and the Island Outpost group for marketing it. We invited travel writers and journalists to see Treasure Beach as an alternative to the all-inclusive hotels dominating Jamaica. Jamaica’s spirit lies with its people, who are confident, outspoken, and expressive, a culture that Jake’s and Treasure Beach represent. The latter also has more sustainable opportunity for low-density development, in contrast to the high-density tourism in other parts of the island. Eight years ago, we put in a small airstrip to target people with higher disposable incomes and are currently in talks with the government to lay down asphalt, upgrade this airstrip, and open it to the public. Public-private partnerships can work extremely well in Jamaica. This was the case for the Treasure Beach Sports Park, which we built on a land leased from the government.

Christopher Binns

Founder, Christopher Binns

Stush in the Bush came about through our love affair. We met in Jamaica. Lisa was born in Barbados, but is a native New Yorker, foodie, fashionista, and lover of art, music, wine, and fine food. Stush in the Bush came about because I am a homebody, a lover of the Jamaican soil after a few years spent in the colds of Canada. We decided to live in Jamaica, reclaim some family land, and live and build a dream together, sharing it with those who find it intriguing. But first and foremost, it was and still is our way of life. Coming to Stush is like coming home to family amidst a verdant, hillside garden, and dining on the fruits of the land like never before. Sweet conversation and sometimes a life-changing experience are known to happen here under the open sky. As for growth plans, Stush in the Bush is a seed we planted and has been nourished by our many friends and visitors, not to mention the incredible work of our team. Naturally, this means we are growing in many ways. Stush outposts, a Stush cookbook, Stush cooking clubs, an internationally available product line, Kush in the Bush, and Bush living, are all coming in carefully planned increments.



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