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With oil prices steadily increasing and investments picking up again, new opportunities abound for equipment providers.

Mikhail BalyTchev

General Manager, Epiroc Central Asia

From an operational perspective, 2017 was an excellent year. We finished the year having achieved our targets, especially as the mining sector shows steady growth. In fact, 2017 was the start of what I expect to be many more great years to come. This is mainly due to the increase in demand. 2018 will be a bright, interesting, and challenging year. Our customers are chasing demand and trying to do it at the lowest possible cost of ownership. We would like to contribute to their success as much as possible. Furthermore, we see increased demand from our customers to work together in terms of planning and managing the demand to supply parts. They want a strong partner that can track machine performance. We have also started a few interesting projects in terms of technology options. The changes we have enacted internally have positioned us perfectly to capitalize on these opportunities and retain our place as a leading player in the local mining and industrial equipment business.

Bulent Atar

Country Director, Borusan Makina Kazakhstan

In 2017, we grew in every possible way compared to 2016. In terms of revenues, since 2016 we have grown approximately 50%. We do not only sell equipment and parts; we form long-term partnerships with our customers. We are mostly on site in terms of our warehouses, mechanics, and the 24/7 services we provide. In terms of staff, we also managed to grow from a team to 700 in 2016 to over 800 people today. There is more investment required in our machinery as well as training processes to enable quality servicing and aftersales work. Mining accounts for about 75-80% of our business in Kazakhstan. We are present in the construction as well as in the energy sectors as well. Commodity and oil prices are most important here so it is vital to be aware of trends and adapt the business accordingly. Both are now on the positive side, which means most of companies in the sector investing. This is the environment that we like and in which we thrive.

Denis Ulyashov

General Manager, Denis Ulyashov

The company seeks to be a professional distributor of premium brands in Kazakhstan. At the time of founding in 2004, the main partner was, and remains, Komatsu. In 2013, business in Kazakhstan and Russia was developing fast, and we decided to also represent the Bomag brand, one of the leading manufacturers of road construction machinery whose product line complements the Komatsu range. Today, we are also studying the possibility of further diversifying our portfolio, though we are approaching this carefully. We are currently focused on two industries, mining and construction. We are engaged in machinery supply and provide an integrated comprehensive service for mining enterprises, road construction and construction companies. The oil and gas market is also interesting, and it is dear to me from my experience in Russia. Our goal is to provide a professional and comprehensive service for our customers that meets the highest international standards and requirements of Komatsu and Bomag.



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