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KUWAIT - Telecoms & IT

Magd Donia

General Manager, KASP – Boodai Group of Companies


Magd Donia has over 25 years of information technology and software development experience. Prior to KASP, he delivered software and services to major fortune 500 companies for 15 years in the US and another seven years in the GCC across multiple industries. His expertise includes software development, business process automation, analytics, and generative design systems. He received his PhD in computational design from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, the US.

"KASP has been around since 1985. We are a part of a large commercial group, which has interests in several industries, including airlines, public transportation, travel, media, and construction."
TBY talks to Magd Donia, General Manager of KASP – Boodai Group of Companies, about IT infrastructure and digital transformation.
What is the scope of KASP’s operation in Kuwait?

KASP has been around since 1985. We are a part of a large commercial group, which has interests in several industries, including airlines, public transportation, travel, media, and construction. KASP was founded with the idea of providing shared IT services across the group. Instead of each company having its own IT department and staff, we have centralized them in KASP. This is still the case today. We provide all of the group companies with extensive IT, manage their ERP services, and so on. Many of them utilize IT infrastructure support from our side as well. That gave us the opportunity to take some of the expertise and offer similar services to major organizations in Kuwait. We started building business intelligence and analytics systems for them and quickly gained new clients across the financial sector. We utilized reporting technology from SAP, with whom we partnered in 2007. From that, we started expanding into other areas, such as business intelligence, analytics, machine learning, predictions, identifying data retention strategies, and many other similar activities. We also leveraged our expertise in implementing and managing ERP solutions. Currently, we offer this with SAP and Oracle. Finally, we have become the developers of apps and systems for businesses across the entire economy. That is why we are partnering with Mendix/Siemens. With their low code platform, we can quickly build any kind of system from scratch and greatly enhance the client’s ability in digitalization.

What is KASP’s role in the digital transformation progress of Kuwait?

Essentially, I see KASP as an enabler. We want to be able to handhold different companies and government organizations in Kuwait by taking the first steps in digitalization in the area where we have established a sense of expertise. And this is a key thing with KASP—we never offer anything to our customers unless we can fully support them and help them become successful. We have to maintain that expertise in-house because our customers rely on us. We understand the challenges, and we can devise the proper methodology to help them be successful in using that technology We want to prevent our clients from missing their target because of a lack of expertise. It is our mission to make sure they are successful with the technology they are implementing.



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