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Mahmood Sakhi Al Balushi

OMAN - Transport

Mahmood Sakhi Al Balushi

CEO, Al Madina Logistics Services


TBy talks to Mahmood Sakhi Al Balushi, CEO of Al Madina Logistics Services.

In what ways are you seeking environmental sustainability?

Almadina Logistics, since its start, has given the environment the utmost importance. It has developed the first-of-the-art logistics distribution center in Barka, taking into consideration many LEED certification standards. To add to the previous environmental specifications, we installed the biggest roof-top solar system in Oman in our Barka facility in 2020. When we constructed the facility in Barka in 2011, we took into consideration environmental issues. We have complete facilities with LED lights, complete sandwich panels to reduce the heat, and an ammonia system for cooling, which is environmentally preferable to other systems. In addition, the facility has food-grade flooring that has internal ventilation to reduce heat and electricity consumption. The operations and inventory system are managed by a robust IT system with RFID and fully integrated with clients’ IT systems, avoiding human errors and fully paperless operations.

How can logistics online platforms help create the ecosystem and organization that land transportation requires?

We participated in developing the Oman 2040 Logistics Strategy to establish Oman as a major logistics hub in the region. One of the major objectives is to develop an ecosystem in logistics and supply chain. However, Oman being a small market, the logistics and transport online platforms had many challenges, except for e-commerce and food deliveries. Therefore, the big logistics projects need more detailed discussions and understanding many aspects of the project before submitting any proposal.



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