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SAUDI ARABIA - Telecoms & IT

Majed Faleh AlOtaibi

CEO, Tabadul


Majed Faleh AlOtaibi is the CEO of the Saudi Company for Tabadul, with a distinguished career in leadership positions and over 15 years of extensive experience in technology and telecommunications companies, leading digital programs transformation and implementation. He obtained a master’s degree in technology management from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a bachelor’s degree in information systems from King Saud University. He has completed several courses in technology, legal, and executive leadership from Harvard University, London Business School, and INSEAD.

"Tabadul is intent on becoming the driving force behind the digitalization of the processes required to leverage the incredible opportunities for economic diversification and improved quality of life."
Tabadul strives to become a facilitator of supply chains, creating value for cross-border trade on a global scale to become the number-one provider of digital logistics services for trade operations in the Kingdom and beyond.
How is Tabadul continuing to add value to the KSA’s logistics sector?

Our primary goal revolves around developing secure technology solutions that drive international trade and optimize operational performance grounded in more transparent and efficient systems. To achieve this, we had to comprehensively evaluate the challenges faced by the logistics industry and its stakeholders to offer meaningful resolutions for enhanced capacity building and growth. We identified the vulnerabilities within the supply chain and subsequent logistical issues often exasperated by inadequate communication and a lack of integrated processes between stakeholders. In response, Tabadul provided innovative solutions to facilitate logistics companies and businesses’ transition to Smart logistics and the adoption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which boosts stakeholders’ digital capabilities, mitigates the multiple risks in supply chain management and ultimately streamlines operations between the various entities.

How is Tabadul aligning its goals with that of Vision 2030?

Tabadul is intent on becoming the driving force behind the digitalization of the processes required to leverage the incredible opportunities for economic diversification and improved quality of life. Our integrated systems incorporate built-in solutions that operate on multiple levels to facilitate trade procedures and will be an enabler of streamlining cross-border trade. Our digital platforms, essentially, improve operational efficiency by working in tandem with the relevant government entities to provide significant benefits such as: reduction in costs, faster and more efficient billing procedures, resulting in fewer delays and quicker delivery times. I would like to highlight that Smart logistics, digitalization and automation of systems are not supposed to replace human activity, but rather, they require more specialized and differently skilled operations. We envision the implementation of such systems will take Saudi skill sets to the ‘next level’ as interacting and working with technological ecosystems becomes an everyday part of life and, eventually, second nature.

What are the main industries in which Tabadul is investing its resources and logistic capacities?

Digitalization creates immense opportunities for businesses in IT solutions and logistic services to enhance cooperation across varying sectors. Our platforms, products and services are dedicated to redefining logistics operations, harnessing the power of data analytics and data exchange to facilitate informed decision-making. Therefore, our expansion is based on exploring these opportunities and offering direct business support through custom-designed solutions augmented to meet the client’s specific needs. Initially, we began our operations by focusing on the B2G segment, eventually expanding into the business sector. The next phase would be to extend our services to the end-user to completely re-engineer the management of the digital trade ecosystem and close the logistics loop. Our broad range of e-transaction solutions streamlines the integration between all relevant stakeholders to improve trade operations, such as the ability to book transport, track shipments and facilitate online payments. Tabadul also provides financial services and solutions to logistics businesses, offering consultancy and guidance in incorporating digital and financial solutions across their operations. We are also laying the groundwork to invest in and offer direct assistance for start-ups in the smart logistics solutions field. Additionally, we are utilizing our resources and vast experience to mitigate risks associated with migration to a digital supply chain to protect operations and bolster data security. Regarding partnerships, we have signed an MoU with Sadara Chemical Company, teaming up to develop innovative logistics solutions for the petrochemical industry that require specialized considerations. This partnership is a major milestone we’re looking forward to with one of the major industry players on a global scale that will bring to Jubail Industrial City. And to further boost the resilience of the digitalization process, we support and host platforms for knowledge exchange between IT and logistics solutions businesses and innovators, as was done during the Tabadul Hackathon 360. The three-day event brought together industry players to explore and discover new ways to efficiently collaborate within the sector, featured an innovation competition, and provided consultancy services.



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