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Göksel Aybek


Major Projects

General Director, Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corp.


Göksel Aybek was born in 1950 and is a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering at Erciyes University in Turkey, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He has 37 years of experience as a Director and Member of the Board for several large Turkish firms before joining Akkord in 2012.

"Akkord Corporation has a very strong presence not only in Azerbaijan but also in several foreign markets."

What were last year’s accomplishments for Akkord?

Overall, 2013 was a challenging but, at the same time, successful year for Akkord Corporation in terms of sustainability. We have overcome all the challenges we faced through innovative thinking. The company has implemented some major projects on a national scale, including launching the first production line of the Gazakh Cement Plant, opening a multi-level, tunnel-type road junction in Galaba (Victory) Square in Baku, and signing a contract for the construction of a new Khatai Hazi Aslanov-2 section of the Baku Metro Green Line. These three large-scale projects became milestones for Akkord Corporation as it constantly strives to extend the frontiers of its activities. The company has also managed to break down stereotypes associated with its image as a solely construction-oriented company. It is noteworthy that launching the Gazakh Cement Plant comes in line with the implementation of the State Program for the Social and Economic Development of the Regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2009-2013, as it plays an important role in the socioeconomic development of both the Gazakh region and the country as a whole. Besides satisfying domestic cement demand, we are aiming to expand our global cement production footprint and become a regionally competitive cement producer. In addition to these achievements, in April 2013, Akkord Corporation was awarded Best Enterprise in the Field of Construction in the South Caucasus and Central Asia by the Institute of Directors at the Europe Business Assembly in London. Later that year, the company became a corporate affiliate member of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA-AITES) and World Road Association (PIARC). Akkord Corporation is the first and only private company from the South Caucasus that is affiliated to these highly reputable organizations.

How is the Baku Metro project progressing?

As for the Baku Metro project, metro tunneling and underground construction is a new business line for Akkord. A long-term conceptual development scheme for the Baku Metro that was prepared following a Presidential decree of November 10, 2008, and the State Program for the Development of the Baku Metro in 2011-2015, approved by a Presidential decree on March 18, 2011, has laid the groundwork for the Metro’s expansion plans. To contribute to the program, Akkord Corporation has entered into a partnership with France’s Bouygues Travaux Publics, which is one of the largest global experts in underground work. The contract, signed on December 16, 2013, has crowned our two-year joint efforts to develop the construction project for a new Khatai-Azi Aslanov-2 section of the “Green Line.” In the future, we anticipate concluding more similar contracts, as the Metro development plan stipulates the construction of additional 50 stations. The company continuously develops its expertise in this area, so it could be involved in other relevant projects around the country.

“Akkord Corporation has a very strong presence not only in Azerbaijan but also in several foreign markets.”

What major undertakings are underway in 2014?

Being not only a construction enterprise, but also a production and investment company, Akkord Corporation nowadays continues to invest heavily in the production and processing of building materials. The company’s orientation to the country’s manufacturing sector comes in line with President Ilham Aliyev’s socio-economic development program for 2014-2018. The Head of State restated that the development of the non-oil sector remains Azerbaijan’s top priority in the economic sphere this year and has declared 2014 the Year of Industry. As a leading building materials supplier, Akkord Corporation aims to support the President’s decision and will continue to produce cement, concrete and concrete precasts, asphalt, marble, granite, steel structures, gravel, sand, bricks, and other materials not only for our own needs, but also for the wider market in Azerbaijan. This will be possible due to 40 manufacturing and processing facilities that the corporation owns and operates throughout the country. These facilities are located close to raw material sources and project sites, which allows us to enhance production efficiency and optimize project costs. We also have plans to increase the production of building materials, including fiber concrete, at our pre-fabrication plant. This year, such new entities as Gazakh Cement Plant, Akkord Prefabrik (precast concrete plant), Akkord Beton, and Garadag Marble and Granite Plant will commence operations within the Industry Group set by Akkord Corporation this February. Through heavy investments into industry and manufacturing, pioneering the application of new technologies and know-how, Akkord Corporation is making a substantial contribution to the development of the country’s production sector and will adhere closely to this line of work. Besides that, Akkord Corporation has passed the pre-qualification stage to bid for the Trans-Anatolian Gas Pipeline (TANAP) project, and we plan to continue participating in tenders under this and Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) proj­ects. The internationally recognized brand that Akkord Corporation has managed to build over the years enables the company to contribute to these projects, which will have profound impact on the world energy marketplace. I would like to stress that we are focused on bridging all the areas of our activity and building a sustainable business model. The scale of investment reflects Akkord Corporation’s policy of vertical integration, and this policy and investment in production facilities that it requires will continue this year.

What projects is Akkord working on abroad?

Currently, Akkord Corporation has a very strong presence not only in Azerbaijan but also in several foreign markets including Turkey, Germany, Albania, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine. The success of our international projects is largely based on cooperation with leading construction and engineering companies through different forms of partnership. The corporation has reached agreements with some globally renowned companies, such as Hochtief and Bouguyes Travaux Publics, our partners in the joint venture for the Baku Metro project. Recently, the Azerbaijan-Italian Akkord-Todini-Impregilo Joint Venture has won the tender to implement road construction works under the CAREC III Corridor, Shymkent-Tashkent Project in Kazakhstan. Akkord Corporation has been participating in the Western Europe-Western China International Transit Corridor project since 2010. In total, the Corporation is implementing tens of high-complexity large infrastructure projects across the Caspian-Black Sea region.

How important are human resources to Akkord?

As one of the major employers in Azerbaijan, Akkord Corporation contributes significantly to the formation of a positive work environment and corporate culture. The corporation considers human capital as its most important asset to maintaining sustainable growth, and is doing its utmost to attract, retain, inspire, and motivate people working in the company. Nowadays, more than 4,000 employees including specialists from the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, and Turkey are involved in daily operations domestically and abroad, and the key objective for us is to have right motivation tools and to offer various benefits to enable them to perform at their best. The company is constantly striving to balance the needs of the business with its employees’ expectations. We believe that all our employees add value to our business, and their contribution to our common success does not go unnoticed or remain undervalued. Thus, this year Akkord Corporation is starting an initiative to congratulate hundreds of employees working in the company for five years or more to recognize and praise their loyalty to the company and work for its prosperity. Akkord Corporation is investing heavily in manpower and is widely reputed as a company employing highly qualified personnel in every country where it operates. We are keen to deviate from a common practice in the construction sector to work with sub-contractors, because we believe that developing and training our own employees will be more beneficial in the long run when it comes to building a highly successful business, not only in profit, but also in culture.

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