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Manuel Victoria

COLOMBIA - Economy

Manuel Victoria

Founder & CBO, Frontier Spectrum


Manuel Victoria is an entrepreneur and visionary with more than eight years of experience in business development. Manuel has been involved as Founder of Frontier Spectrum and Mannta where he has applied his skills in business development and supporting the team in strategic decisions. As a real people’s person, Manuel has created ties with key partners & strategic allies, securing sales in the operations of Frontier Spectrum paving the way for the company’s global expansion. Manuel will also lead the capital raising rounds for future projects.

“Frontier Spectrum is a global company, developing the most efficient way to deliver pharmaceutical cannabis to patients worldwide.“

What is Frontier Spectrum’s business model, and how is the company involved across the supply chain in different segments?

Frontier Spectrum is a global company, developing the most efficient way to deliver pharmaceutical cannabis to patients worldwide. The way that we bring out the best of cannabis is by personalizing the treatments, where cannabinoid ratios and personal doses are developed not just for the medical condition, but also to each patient that is treated. We have dedicated ourselves to understanding, studying, and predicting the industry. Under this premise, our main skill is to connect the dots, while focusing on sales in Germany, the most important market in the world, and the low-cost production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), flowers and extracts, from Colombia. Thus, becoming more efficient. The idea is to scale this business model and then replicate our pharmaceutical businesses in other countries, Europe, and Latin America, while continuing to supply flower & extracts from Colombia, which will be the powerhouse of cannabis worldwide.

What has been the experience of developing Frontier Spectrum been?

Frontier Spectrum and the other subsidiaries all started in Colombia. However, as we grew and incorporated teams from other countries, we added interesting challenges such as a cross-cultural team that breaks down borders while developing a new industry. The entire project was created by different entrepreneurs that see cannabis as an entry point. We are now seeing companies in the psychedelic sphere, and there are new bio-pharmaceutical ways of treating patients. All the different people involved in this company come from different backgrounds, from investment banking to international marketing, strategy, and pharmaceutical executives. Everyone provides the ingredients to make this company successful. To me, the entrepreneur’s path is not just a profession; it is a way of living.

How can Frontier Spectrum help investors and businesses looking to scale, and what is your competitive advantage?

Frontier Spectrum has a global team that is able to offer partners more efficiency, which in this industry is one of the most important things. The capital that we have raised is just a fraction of what other companies have raised, and we have achieved what they have already achieved. We have proved ourselves to be extremely efficient in operations. We are already complying with European standards and have closed contracts to supply cannabis from Colombia and start selling our medical kits in Germany in 2022. We have extensive understanding of the global cannabis legislation; that is the added value that we bring. Putting this value into specifics, we are currently selling a generic version of Epidiolex, the GW Pharmaceuticals cannabis epilepsy treatment, through specialized medical treatments in Germany. We also grow pharma-grade cannabis products at a low cost in Colombia. Our company, Frontier Spectrum, based in Canada, manages both operations. We offer the most efficient way of investing in the cannabis industry. We are operating in different countries and bringing all of this together; connecting the dots as I said, is our core value. With this long-term vision of product development, clinical trials while being profitable in the short term, we will undertake the global expansion of our company.

What types of companies do you seek to form long-term business collaborations with?

We are not in the industry just to make money; we want to create an impact around the world, environmental and elevate people’s standards of living. Our team, partners, or people that we have spoken to, are like-minded. 2021 and 2022 are extremely important years. We are seeing a consolidation in the industry and many M&A transactions. We are looking to talk to any potential partner as an ally or investor, as we will need more funds to achieve what we have envisioned. We are open to work with other cannabis or pharmaceutical companies that are willing to enter the industry with a reliable partner, like us, that has already different sales streams and open markets that can really reach these international markets, for small growers or other smaller cannabis companies. For us, local partners are the key, as they provide a competitive advantage, when we enter a target market. They allow us to operate more efficiently in that market.

What are your international ambitions? As well as Germany, what other countries do you see as potential permanent markets?

As we are already in Germany, and our operation is heavily pharmaceutical, we want to better understand the industry and predict how it will grow in the coming years. On one hand, at the end of 2022 with the new elected German government we may see the legalization of cannabis, which frees up the market in general and opens new revenue streams for our company. This added to the fact that Colombia will start exporting flowers, we will be able to serve this new German market without any problems. On the other hand. our main targets are in the EU, whereby countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, and Denmark will copy the German legislation and focus on the pharmaceutical side first, then legalization. We will also see other countries such as France, Spain, and Italy moving a little slower. Meanwhile, we are already closing supply contracts of flower in the US, this is going to be huge for our company. However, even though it has legalized medical cannabis at a federal level in the future—which is great for the industry—the US will not be able to compete with companies producing in Colombia. For us, it is important to already have contracts to supply flower and extracts in the US. We are also evaluating and following potential markets such as Mexico, Peru, Brazil, and Australia for the long term.

What role does Frontier Spectrum seek within the regional and global cannabis space?

We have always believed that if you are going to do something, do it big, in other words, think big and execute bigger. More than envisioning how the company will look in the coming years, we are envisioning how the world, and people, will relate and view this industry in the future. A new world is emerging, with different needs and new ways of doing business as well. Cannabis is the entry point of a new form of medicine where, through medical studies, we can bring healthier habits that combine with new, more natural medicines that go to the root of the problem, instead of just being palliative to diseases, as traditional medicine has usually done. We aim to be one of the top 10 global pharmaceutical cannabis players in this decade, which is only possible through serving patients worldwide and doing the R&D that allows us to develop new treatments and medicines based on cannabis with the supporting medical studies. As I said, this is just the entry point, and we will try to broaden our minds and look for new treatments, such as psychedelics and others, to heal people in the best way, this being mind, body, and spirit.



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