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MEXICO - Health & Education

Mar Campos

CEO & Co-Founder, Clinica MOS


Mar Campos studied medicine at the Anahuac University and did her internship at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. She later did a master’s degree in pharmaceutical dermocosmetics at the University of Barcelona and various courses in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine in Europe focused on injectables and facial rejuvenation. In 2016, she founded MOS with the vision of providing a novel experience in facial rejuvenation treatments and skincare.

"We want to consolidate the number of patients in our subscription model, and by 2023 our goal was to open two new branches specifically in Mexico City."

To set itself apart from the competition, Clinica MOS focuses on the experience of caring, pampering, and creating a connection with its patients while providing high-end technical procedures.

What opportunities in the beauty market did you identify that inspired you to open Clinica MOS?

The beauty treatments market is growing by double digits YoY, with Botox being the most requested treatment; however, today, patients are looking for simple solutions, and we realized that Mexico does not have a beauty company with a strong national presence. For example, in Mérida, no clinic offers state-of-the-art services, and we are the only place nationwide that offers a subscription model that includes state-of-the-art technology, dermatological services, aesthetic services, and medical spa services. Our innovation and subscription model allowed us to enter the entire country. The membership includes a monthly facial, though we also offer much deeper, more specific treatments using special technology that will have additional costs. However, members receive a special price for these treatments. We are focused on increasing the value of our subscription model and want our patients to receive the best technology available on the market.

How do you set yourself apart from other beauty clinics on the market?

There are many medical clinics, but none function as a medical spa, where we truly focus on the experience of caring, pampering, and creating a connection with our patients while they are receiving technical procedure. That truly differentiates us. Some of the treatments or procedures require needles and might be painful, but we want to change that perception. We want members to come to our clinic and leave their cares behind. We integrate the aspects of dermatology, aesthetic medicine, medical facials, and also pampering. Our clinic in Mérida also has the advantage of not being limited those living in Mérida, but to everyone from elsewhere looking for such treatments. Our main model is to provide consistent skin solutions; it is not just about providing a one-time Botox treatment and that’s it. It is more about a comprehensive solution for their skin’s needs. For example, one of our solutions targets skin pigmentation through monthly visits. We focus on luminosity, reducing wrinkles, adding hydration, and so on; it is not only focused on dark spots, which is our main differentiator.

What are your expansion plans in the near future?

We want to consolidate the number of patients in our subscription model, and by 2023 our goal was to open two new branches specifically in Mexico City. We want to open in Mérida City as well, because the city is growing significantly, and we want to cover that market to the north. We are located in the center of the city, and we want to cover everything north of the city. Later in 2023 or early 2024, we might consider other locations or in other states.

What investments are you making in technology?

We are focused on laser technology from Israel because it is the best in terms of the development and creation of laser technology. We have machines with laser technology for the treatment of blemishes, rosacea, and acne with incredible results. We also see a trend toward gene-based skin diagnosis for 2023. The idea is to incorporate this treatment in our clinics. Currently, we develop a diagnosis through an image that analyzes a patient’s skin and detects pigmentation, wrinkles, hydration, and so on; however, we may be able to eliminate this with a study that tells us, according to one’s genes, what they are susceptible to, for example acne or rosacea, and then we can design a treatment that is much more targeted and personalized. We also see a strong trend toward functional dermatology, which is focused not only on treating a patient, but also looking into their lifestyle that might be causing their condition. We look at their glucose levels, diet, and so on. Today, everyone is more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This is crucial and will be one of our pillars for 2023.



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