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Marco Moncerrate

ECUADOR - Industry

Marco Moncerrate

General Manager (Ecuador), Grupo Testek


Marco Moncerrate is a materials engineer and sales professional with more than seven years of experience working in key organizations in industrial sectors such as oil and gas, energy, mining, aeronautics, metalworking, and education, among others.

Marco Moncerrate is General Manager (Ecuador) of Grupo Testek.

How important is Ecuador in Testek’s portfolio of operations?

Ecuador is one of the biggest operations within the Group, and it has immense potential. We are the only company in Ecuador completely specialized in non-destructive testing that has as a direct employee a Level 3 inspector of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT). Our technical manager is Level 3 in ultrasound and penetrating dyes. The past few years have been a series of ups and downs, but we firmly believe in this country. With the vision of the current administration aimed toward opening up economically and the search for foreign investment, now is the perfect moment to put in all the possible effort in our operations in Ecuador, so we can grow along with this wonderful country.

What segments are you focused on in Ecuador?

We offer custom-made technological solutions to meet the needs of the main industries, such as oil and gas, power generation, and mining. Our main business is to sell technology, be it non-destructive testing equipment, ultrasound equipment, or dynamic machinery inspection technology for turbines or engines. The training is part of how we accompany our clients and the added value we offer them. However, we also serve the education sector, metal-mechanic, and aeronautical. Our solutions are always aimed at helping our clients meet their operational goals, increase their profits and lower their costs, and have a positive impact on the global business profitability. We achieve this through technological solutions that allow us to safeguard the integrity of the companies’ infrastructures and actives, supporting them on the quality control of their processes and products, and providing high-quality, timely, and precise services, giving them the possibility of being renowned and credible within the industry. These solutions are based on non-destructive testing technology, material analysis, and specialized protective coating systems. This are all provided with the intention of guaranteeing the operational continuity and the safety of the activity of every company we work with.



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