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MEXICO - Telecoms & IT

Maribel Dos Santos

Managing Director & Senior VP, Oracle


Maribel Dos Santos is currently the General Manager & Vice President of Oracle Mexico. She joined the company in 2007 as key account director. Prior to her current position, Dos Santos served as vice president of strategic accounts for Latin America, regional president of sales for HCM applications, and Oracle’s general manager in Peru as well as in Venezuela. Dos Santos has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry, with experience in companies such as Unisys and Siemens. She has a degree in marketing with a specialization in marketing from the University Institute of Marketing of Venezuela, in addition to a second degree in business administration with a mention in computer science from the Simón Rodríguez University of Caracas, Venezuela. Additionally, she has a certification in Telecommunications by the National Telecommunications Commission of Venezuela. In 2021 and 2022, she was recognized by Expansión Magazine as one of the 100 most powerful women in business in the country.

"One of our goals is the development of emerging technologies, their incorporation, and being there for the client."

Having been in the region for over 30 years, Oracle recently had the best two years in terms of results, largely due to its response to the market in terms of helping clients with digital commerce and innovation based on emerging technologies.

In regard to digital transformation, what are the most common challenges you face with your clients in Mexico?

It depends on the industry. If we are talking about the horizontal component, many companies seek virtual sales and focus more on e-commerce. This happens in every industry. There’s also innovation, namely understanding how to be innovative today and standing out in the market. That depends on the business objective of each industry or client. In regard to telecommunications, this technological innovation and 5G will generate a massive unfolding of IoT devices with connected solutions and algorithms. It is not clear yet what value all the other companies will have once they make use of 5G services. When it comes to the retail industry, their biggest challenge is making sure all of their operations are customer-centric. It is about understanding who the customer is and what other services, within the store, you can offer them, not just in-person but digitally. So, we have digital commerce and innovation based on emerging technologies, which is a must for organizations today. As an IT company, Oracle is currently living its best years, especially in Latin America. Oracle is more than 30 years old in the region and these have been the best two years in results. I believe it has to do with our response to the market and what the consumer needs. Consumers know that now they can perform 90% of their activities via a screen.

Can you elaborate on the cloud region that Oracle launched in Mexico?

Mexico is part of a global strategy of evolution and incorporation of data centers at a corporate level from Oracle. Recently, we launched the first regional data center in Mexico because we wanted to invest in the country. We have a development center in Guadalajara staffed by almost 2,000 engineers developing new solutions with emerging technologies. One of our strongest solutions is the Autonomous Database, which is the evolution of the automated database developed in Mexico by Mexican talent. Furthermore, this data center investment is a response to our clients need for data protection and everything related to the cloud. This concerns cloud growth for the banking industry, the government, and telecommunications. These are the most restricted industries because they have the strictest laws regarding privacy and transparency. It is the first data hyper-scaled center in Mexico that adapts to demand, regardless of the area of the market you are in. Oracle knows Mexico is a country of many entrepreneurs. Currently, 75% of employability comes from this sector. These industries will make a difference in the digital transformation of the country. We cater to the private and public sector alike. One of our main clients interested in this is a local government from Querétaro. We are set to democratize the cloud service, which means being accessible to any type of company whether they want additional sources of income, cost reduction, or new business models. It is not the only such scheme either, as we will have another one in Monterrey.

Why is Oracle focusing on emerging technologies for the next year?

One of our goals is the development of emerging technologies, their incorporation, and being there for the client. We want a controlled incorporation of these solutions that allow you to automate, innovate, generate new incomes, and reduce costs. After the pandemic, the international demand for Mexican talent increased notably. One of our goals for this year is to retain our focus on education. Then, we intend to have a responsible adoption of technological transformation working together with the client and knowing which maturity stage their processes are in. We suggest to our clients what form the technology adoption can take and encourage them to not only invest in technology, but also in reskilling people through training. Digital transformation is not just a question of selling technology; it is about advising and customer success management as well.



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