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Xerox Mariola Martinez

SPAIN - Telecoms & IT

Mariola Martínez

Former President, Xerox Spain & Current VP for Western Europe Channel, Xerox


Mariola Martínez is from Madrid, is married and has a daughter. After 25 years at Xerox, where she has worked in different areas with a diversity of international teams, she holds the presidency of the company in Spain and has recently been appointed Vice-President of Channel & Partners in Western Europe. As a professional, her mission is to lead a talented and committed team of professionals and to motivate them with a can-do attitude. It is precisely this capacity for resilience and empathy that defines her way of leading. She believes that if you want to, you can, it all depends on how you face each of the challenges you face in life. High commitment to fostering collaboration between people of different backgrounds, genders, and ages. She leads by example at a time when digital transformation is unavoidable for all companies. In addition to her law degree, she has a master’s degree in Management Development from IESE and an executive program in Digital Transformation at EOI. She thanks Xerox for all the training and support she has received since she started at what she considers her home. Undoubtedly, Xerox is a company that is committed to the quarry, and she considers that the most valuable thing of these years has been being able to learn from others. She loves music but enjoy nature by hiking is undoubtedly her greatest hobby.

TBY talks to Mariola Martínez, Former President, Xerox Spain & Current VP for Western Europe Channel, Xerox, about new business services, digitalization in Spain, and goals for the coming year. […]
TBY talks to Mariola Martínez, Former President, Xerox Spain & Current VP for Western Europe Channel, Xerox, about new business services, digitalization in Spain, and goals for the coming year.
How would you assess the success of Xerox’s goals of propelling new business lines and increasing software services?

We have maintained our commitment to sustainable growth as our top priority while undergoing a process of reinvention to adapt to our clients’ changing needs. Evaluating our progress during this transformation poses challenges. Amidst this journey, we have recognized a promising opportunity for growth in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) market. This adjustment does not mean we are abandoning direct sales to larger companies; rather, we are aligning with evolving market dynamics. Although printing remains a lucrative aspect of our business, our strategic emphasis on services and solutions is becoming increasingly important, and we have made significant advancements in this area.

Xerox is updating its operational system and organizational structure. Can you elaborate on this process?

To enhance our channel development and bolster our software and services offerings, we have realigned our organizational structure to ensure that our structure effectively supports the evolving needs of our distribution channels. Talent management has been a key focus, with collaboration between departments to retain and cultivate skills essential for growth. While the core skills remain consistent, the evolving business landscape necessitates proficiency in leadership, financial acumen, and leveraging technology advancements such as AI and robotics. Our channel development strategy emphasizes innovation to meet evolving market demands.

With 88% of SMEs in Spain prioritizing digitalization, how does Xerox contribute to their transformation?

Digital transformation encompasses various facets, and we actively support SMEs in their unique digital journeys. For instance, the widespread adoption of hybrid work models necessitates adaptable systems to serve employees across diverse devices and locations securely. We prioritize aiding SMEs in transitioning to such models seamlessly. Additionally, document digitization is pivotal, with cloud storage ensuring anytime access to essential documents. Our solutions encompass distributed printing and scanning, enabling safe and efficient remote work practices.

What have been some SME success stories for Xerox?

While we cannot share specific success stories due to client confidentiality, I can highlight our collaboration with IESE, a prestigious business school. Despite its stature, our approach remains consistent, beginning with a thorough assessment to understand its needs. Our expertise spans sectors such as insurance, where we streamline processes from client onboarding to invoice generation. Sometimes perceived as solely a product provider, we emphasize our comprehensive services through marketing efforts. Tailoring software, services, and applications to client needs, we provide a service proposal to address their challenges. For SMEs, we bridge the communication evolution gap, empowering them with tools and expertise for growth.

Internally, how will digital transformation unfold, and what role will AI play in service enhancement?

We continuously improve our internal services with technology, like robotic process automation for automating tasks such as authorizations and invoicing, boosting efficiency. In HR, portal-based systems provide automated communication, enhancing productivity. Augmented reality revolutionizes technical service, enabling remote problem-solving and reducing costs. Automated repairs through Xerox software optimize service delivery. Moreover, we have created a repair record repository for clients to access technical consultations easily. Client satisfaction is central to our operations, driving our focus on improving communication channels, especially with partners. Our global strategy involves using diverse tools tailored to regional needs, managed by a dedicated team responsible for evaluating process efficiency and tool effectiveness at the executive level.

How do technologies contribute to data management?

Given the vast volume of data we handle, encompassing both B2B and B2C operations, leveraging technology is paramount. New tools enable us to manage data more efficiently and securely, minimizing the risk of confidentiality breaches. Technological advancements have significantly enhanced our data management capabilities. Moreover, as a considerable portion of our data originates from physical documents, we capitalize on this advantage by employing smart Optical Character Recognition with word recognition capabilities. These tools facilitate the digitization of documents, streamlining our assessment processes and providing insights into our clients’ current status and desired outcomes. Collaboration and alliances play a crucial role in this endeavor, ensuring we have access to the necessary resources and expertise.

As cloud service demand surges, how does Xerox capitalize on this trend?

We prioritize cloud computing, security, and environmental sustainability. Our early adoption of cloud solutions since 2011 positions us well to capitalize on current market trends. We offer a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions covering scanning, security, and automated workflows. The pandemic highlighted our technological readiness, with early adoption of devices like iPads ensuring operational continuity. We are actively exploring AI and automation initiatives to enhance our offerings further. While our current solutions meet market needs, we are dedicated to ongoing development to address evolving demands effectively.

Aside from biodegradable ink, what environmental achievements has Xerox made recently?

Environmental stewardship is a corporate priority, evident in our commitment to reducing carbon footprint and waste generation. Locally, employee initiatives like waste management reflect our sustainability ethos. Collaborations with organizations like Adopta Un Abuelo, where people can “adopt” grandparents, underscore our social responsibility. We are actively engaged in ESG initiatives, emphasizing corporate and local community involvement.

What are Xerox’s key achievements regarding sustainability?

We are deeply committed to environmental sustainability, with a dedicated department focused on reducing our carbon footprint. Our manufacturing processes prioritize waste reduction and energy efficiency, reflecting our environmental stewardship. Locally, our employees actively engage in environmental initiatives, such as garbage collection and sustainability projects. We have established a volunteer team dedicated to sustainability and inclusion, driving impactful initiatives within our communities. Additionally, we collaborate with companies on social sustainability projects, including supporting children with heart disease and connecting individuals with elderly members of our community. Our commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles is evident throughout our operations, with mandatory volunteering hours reinforcing our dedication to positive impact at both local and global levels

At a general level, who are your main partners?

Partners refer to our distribution channels, encompassing companies selling our technology, software and services. In Europe, we have valued partners for product sales and sophisticated solutions, alongside volume channels. Strengthening our market approach, we aim to be closer to clients, addressing their needs effectively. On the other hand, we also partner with solutions providers like CareAR in the Augmented Reality space, initially a collaborator, was later acquired. Several alliances are in development; when unable to develop internally, we seek alliances. Locally, partnerships aid in payroll management and service structures.

What are your goals for 2025?

Our primary goal for 2025 is to see the fruition of our ongoing Reinvention efforts, driving tangible results in client and partner experience enhancement. Metrics and feedback mechanisms will gauge our progress, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives. Ultimately, our aim is to solidify our position as a leader in delivering innovative solutions while fostering sustainable growth and impactful community engagement.



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