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Mauricio Kuri Governor, Querétaro

MEXICO - Diplomacy

Mauricio Kuri

Governor, Querétaro


Mauricio Kuri serves the people of Querétaro as Governor for the period 2021-2027. He graduated in law from the University of Valle of Mexico. In addition, he has completed specialties in finance, personal business and leadership development. He served as president of the National Chamber of Commerce in Querétaro from 2006-2008. He was also president of COPARMEX in Querétaro from 2012-2014. In 2015, endorsed by Partido Acción Nacional, he ran for the municipal presidency of Corregidora. From 2008-2021, he was Senator of the Republic and coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of Partido Acción Nacional. He won the election for the governorship of the state in 2021, with the highest number of votes recorded in the entity.

"We completed a successful tour in Europe, visiting Germany, Italy, the UK, and France."
In addition to drawing investors’ attention to the many competitive advantages of Querétaro as an investment destination, the governor is also working on local initiatives to better serve its residents in terms of public transports, safety, and more.
What advantages does Querétaro have when it comes to investments?

Querétaro is the logistics center of the country located on the most important highway in Mexico: Highway 57. We have 45 million potential clients within 500km, and we are two hours away from Mexico City. Even though we represent less than 2% of the territory, our state is at the top of the list when it comes to economic growth, exports, labor, and training. Logistics wise, the best place is Querétaro, not just because of the location but also because of everything else it has to offer, such as qualified labor, connectivity to multiple highways in the country, an international airport that has been growing its cargo by almost 40% year after year, and so on. We also have more than 50 daily flights and expect to have more than 1 million passengers this year. Querétaro Airport is becoming the alternative to Mexico City airport.

What types of incentives do you offer to businesspeople entering the Mexican market through Querétaro?

We completed a successful tour in Europe, visiting Germany, Italy, the UK, and France. Every company that comes to Querétaro should know that the state government is their partner and wants them to succeed. On our tour, we did great in the automobile and aerospace industries. We went to the Farnborough Airshow in the UK, where we closed investments with Airbus for MXN400 million and with Aerotech for more than 1,000 well-paid jobs for Querétaro. What were our competitive advantages compared to other states? Mainly, we have an aeronautic university working together with companies so talent can be prepared according to companies’ needs as well as legal certainty in the state, not just in terms of physical and patrimonial assurance but also in labor assurance. Querétaro offers skilled labor that go the extra mile. This is part of our nature.

How are you promoting a circular economy?

Companies such as Siemens are asked by their clients to ensure sustainability within their operations. I admire this because we do not have another Earth. Companies and consumers are becoming aware of the need for eco-friendliness and its importance. We are creating carbon vouchers to support companies who are reducing their emissions, and we are punishing those that are not. We need to work closely with those companies that contaminate by providing them with the tools and solutions to mitigate that damage. We also have a solar energy program with around 2,000 companies. We provide them with the panels, and it is cheaper for them and better for the environment. We also offer fiscal incentives. For example, we are working with Siemens to install electric car chargers in all shopping malls.

What have been your biggest achievements in this first year as Governor?

Public work is part of the reactivation of the economy. During my first 100 days, we did more than one public work per day. Now, we are working on large-scale public work for energy. We started working on the largest public work in Latin America when it comes to mobility, which is the 5 de Febrero Highway, with daily traffic of 120,000 cars, 300,000 people on public transport, and 30,000 pedestrians. This is a considerable challenge for Querétaro, but it has to be done. In terms of the economy, economic reactivation has been an important priority. We have many new companies that are attracting investment to Querétaro. With regards to safety, we have invested MXN4 billion on security to be spent on the border, drones, and the police. We are the only state at a national level to have its entire police force certified. Regarding legal assurance, which is what investors need, Querétaro was named as the place with the greatest legal assurance to invest. At the same time, we also work heavily on social development. Public transportation prices are low, and we continue to support women. We are on the right track, and we are getting there.



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