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Mauricio López

ECUADOR - Green Economy

Mauricio López

General Manager, Canis Energy


Mauricio López founded Canis Energy in 2014 with the aim of introducing innovative and sustainable products for the construction industry. He has earned years of experience managing innovation companies. He is also manager of Tridifect, a high impact communication company. He has an EMBA from iE Business School in Madrid and a diploma in design thinking from MIT Management Executive Education.

TBY talks to Mauricio López, General Manager of Canis Energy.

How did the company come about in 2014?

Canis Energy was born out of the need for a few specific projects. At the time, I was working at a family oil company, and we had a project that was required renewable energy resources. That need sparked an interest in innovation in construction materials, and from that point, we started to look for materials that fit this project and beyond. Photovoltaic glass was among the products we started with and eventually became our star product. We focus on offering new materials that are innovative, while placing strong importance on environmental responsibility.

What progress have you made to bring photovoltaic panels and glass to more cities?

We are heavily focused on having more laws that support our activity. We are constantly working with construction companies. In recent years, we have managed to popularize the benefits of this technology and made builders see the benefits that such projects can generate. We now have three important projects. One is an office, and two are residential. The residential projects are in important buildings. In addition, we have started conversations with companies in Bolivia, which is an attractive market. We have already opened offices in Santa Cruz.

Where would you like to see the company in the coming years?

I would like to position the company as one that provides solutions in construction, whether industrial or residential. We want customers to trust us. We want to advise builders on sustainable construction products and methodologies. We have high expectations for not only our sector in Ecuador, but also for investing in the country. Investor confidence is growing, and there are many opportunities to invest in Ecuador. The country is full of opportunities that are not being taken advantage of. With a solid vision from the government, and great work between private enterprise and the public sector, a positive change can be generated.



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