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MEXICO - Transport

Maximiliano Mercado

CEO, Paquetelit


Maximiliano Mercado studied business administration at the Universidad Iberoamericana and holds a master’s degree in senior management from the Pan-American Institute for High Business Direction (IPADE). In 1998, he founded Corporativo MM, which encompasses companies in logistics, last-mile delivery, digital marketing, and more. Mercado has been a speaker at various forums and has taught at the Mexican Logistics University. He served as vice president of the National Association of Importers and Exporters of the Mexican Republic and also coordinated the International Logistics Committee of the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment, and Technology. Mercado also actively participates in the Mexican Online Sales Association.

"As one of the countries with the largest growth, Mexico is currently experiencing a major boon in e-commerce."
Paquetelit has positioned itself as a key partner for the three largest global companies in the marketplace by utilizing advanced technology.
Why do you believe Mexico is experiencing a peak currently when it comes to e-commerce?

As one of the countries with the largest growth, Mexico is currently experiencing a major boon in e-commerce. There is an immense opportunity for companies to add to this buy-and-sell online model. In 2022, e-commerce saw YoY growth of 23% compared to 2% in other industries, according to the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO). Furthermore, there are major opportunities in terms of logistics in e-commerce. Many companies are currently operating without any checks or control over their operators and drivers. When hiring a delivery company, the most important thing is to focus on certified companies that have security measures in place, such as drug or alcohol tests for its drivers and background checks. That is the first safety measure I recommend. The second is to ensure that the companies meet the standards and regulations set out by the Registry of Providers of Specialized Services or Specialized Works (REPSE), which was jointly developed by the Secretary of Labor, social insurance, and other bodies to ensure companies in the sector comply with regulations. These two criteria enable clients to determine a company’s dedication to safety and security.

In what ways has the legal framework in the country benefited Paquetelit’s business?

The level of requirements from the government has significantly increased. Today, the Mexican government has enforced more regulations regarding social insurance and tax payments. The delivery ecosystem was in need of because many competitors do not have social insurance, which represents a problem in the event of an accident. Our company complies with the regulations and provides its operators with social security and assurance. We work with various international companies and are able to offer them greater peace of mind precisely because we abide by all the regulations and standards set out by the government and can assure them greater security, which is vital in logistics. This has been a huge opportunity for Mexico and has opened new doors because we are currently the US’ number-one partner.

Which companies do you work with?

We are currently working with the three largest global companies in the marketplace, self-service stores, and supermarkets in the country.

What have you done about technology and innovation?

Paquetelit has incorporated satellite systems that track cargo 24/7 from the pickup to its delivery. Technology plays an important role in logistics because that is the only way to ensure security. The human resources aspect comes first, followed by the technology aspect. After hiring a certified operator, the next step is to control logistics through systems. The operator is being watched at all times. Most of our tracking is done via the operator’s phone, though we also have cases where we track the vehicle. We have satellite systems that can even listen in on the vehicle and what the operators are saying, and we can take a live photograph of the merchandise and determine what is going on in real time. We handle even the smallest detail in terms of security. Not many companies are this regulated or tech savvy.

How can the country attract more foreign companies?

My advice is for investors to come to Mexico to discover its endless opportunities. It has a real chance to become a global player with its qualified people and international standards. Mexico is ready. The government is open to foreign investment and has been working on this for a long time. Mexico has many business agreements, multiple international treaties, and years of experience. The world must view us as an open country capable of doing business with any country in the world. Mexico has immense opportunities in terms of its infrastructure, training, and important incentives in the north. It has significantly improved its roads and built new airports and cargo airports, such as the one in San Luis de Potosí focused on logistics.



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