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May Al-Mutawa

Business Development Manager, Food Industries Co. (FICO)


May Al-Mutawa is the Business Development Manager at Food Industries Co. (FICO).

"We export to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, and Dubai given that these are the most profitable markets."

TBY talks to May Al-Mutawa, Business Development Manager, Food Industries Co. (FICO).

How has Food Industries Co. evolved over its 45-year history?

FICO was founded in 1979 with 12 employees and one production line producing potato chips (Munchos) under license from the American Pepsico Inc. before expanding our production to other food products. Every year, my father, who was a partner of the company, and I used to attend global food exhibitions in Germany and so on. We met with different people and decided to start something of our own after identifying an opportunity in the snack food market in Kuwait. FICO later started its own line of potato chips that were of high quality with no artificial additives. We also decided to develop different flavors to meet different consumer needs. As well, we have one line that includes vitamins. From that modest start and after 45 years, FICO has become among the leading food companies in Kuwait. The company has expanded and improved the size of its production by adding various divisions and departments with more than 200 employees, offering new marketing concepts. FICO is proud of its employees and quality products and is also committed to expanding in the area of the modern food industry to keep up with the immense business competition in both local and foreign markets.

What countries do you export your products to?

We export to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, and Dubai given that these are the most profitable markets. Our plant operates with the most modern technology in fried and extruded production lines, electronic weighing machines, and precise packing lines. FICO always seeks to improve its production capacity to keep pace with the growing market in the region. As such, the company continues to adopt the most up-to-date technology in its production facilities.

What initiatives has FICO undertaken to ensure sustainability in its production and supply chain processes?

When we go to exhibitions, we meet suppliers and learn of new innovations in terms of flavors or natural additives. We always choose and test the best before incorporating them. Meijer is our number-one supplier and is based in the Netherlands. We purchase our seeds from it for our farms in Kuwait to grow locally. We are continuously working to make our products healthy, especially for children. Since the beginning, FICO has always insisted on using only natural ingredients, flavoring, and coloring in its products. This is due to our absolute belief that children’s health is the most vital criterion for any food industry in this line. Ensuring the quality of FICO products is certainly a guarantee of the health of our children, and that is FICO’s main objective. FICO Foods actively works to enhance and diversify its product offerings with a focus on healthy snack alternatives in order to become the leading provider in the commercial production of healthy snack foods in the region. Over the next decade, the company aims to not only expand its product types but also to broaden its geographic reach and distribution scope. This initiative aligns with the company’s mission to offer a variety of healthy snack alternatives, ensuring that parents have access to nutritious and enjoyable snack options for their children.

Looking to the future, what are FICO Foods’ plans for product diversification and expansion in the coming years?

For our production, we have many ideas in mind. We want to concentrate on Arab countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, the UAE, and Qatar. We are a trustworthy name and a well-known company, internationally and our goal is to protect this reputation and continue to provide high-quality snack foods.



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