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Companies are leveraging many advantages of Mexico's health sector to combine high-tech with low-cost for innovative market solutions and continued growth.

Juan Pablo Solí­s Rosendo

Director General, Becton Dickinson (BD)

Mexico is extremely important. After China, Latin America is the fastest-growing region. BD Mexico represents the second-largest market in Latin America for the company after Brazil and is truly key for the corporation. We have a track record of double-digit growth in Mexico for the last three years. In the local Mexican market, we have two big segments—medical and life sciences. We are a key player in the medical segment, with medical technology that goes from small disposables, such as plastic syringes, to catheters and instruments for infection prevention. We have a whole set of solutions that help hospitals reduce communal infections. Our business is about 50% public and 50% private sector. We have a team of clinical experts who have a direct presence in the hospitals and look at their needs. Some of these hospitals are joint-commission certified and have to adopt the best practices and the latest technology. These hospitals are, thus, early adopters of our differentiated products. We build models to demonstrate that if hospitals adopt more sophisticated devices, these will help avoid other risks and allow them to discharge patients sooner, thereby reducing the overall end-to-end healthcare cost per patient. This creates greater capacity for public hospitals to treat other patients and helps achieve greater healthcare coverage.

Luis Fernando Oliveros Arreaga

Vice President Mexico, Medtronic

The decision to acquire Covidien was strategic because Medtronic had a specialized legacy, focused on high-level, high-tech devices and was positioned in areas where the market has to be developed. The Covidien portfolio allowed Medtronic to expand the mission to help more people. The acquisition re-leveraged and expanded the portfolio of Medtronic and truly increased our contacts with patients. As an example, before the merger, Medtronic reached a patient every two seconds. Now our therapies improve the lives of more than two people every second. This impact influenced the company’s strategy, operations, and mission. If we truly want to change and shift our approach of selling products to offering services and solutions, we have to have the breadth and depth of the portfolio to be able to do that, as well as be more relevant to hospitals. To become successful in Mexico, a company has to learn how to work with the government, because 80% of people are receiving healthcare in the public sector. In order to become partners of the public sector, we realized we needed to change the approach by working together to identify challenges and have a common understanding of the problems we are facing. In addition, we need to work to find innovative ways to make technology available within the available budgets.

Tony Gonzalez

President of CRM & Neuro, Tony Gonzalez

Both of Integer’s legacy organizations, Greatbatch and Lake Region Medical, already had operations in Mexico. Now, we are a company with multiple manufacturing sites worldwide and have a lot of duplication in our processes as a result. Since we have multiple sites doing machining, molding, and wire coiling, we are looking to optimize manufacturing to consolidate our growth. Growth is our first priority, so being in low-cost countries like Malaysia or Mexico helps us be competitive from our customers’ price perspective. The other enabler for growth is performance, including on-time delivery, quality, and service, which historically our legacy operations in Mexico have provided. We ship to over 200 customers in over 40 countries from our Mexican locations. We ship over 50 million components and devices from Mexico. About 25% of our associates worldwide are Mexican, which already represents a significant segment of our business and global footprint. We have just opened 46,000sqm in Tijuana, much of which is already in operation or ready to take on future projects. We want to leverage our history with our customers and our operational excellence to drive more growth by partnering with our customers in the early stages on design and development. Mexico is our largest manufacturing country after the US.



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