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MEXICO - Health & Education

Miguel Ángel Hernández

Executive Director, National Association of Private Hospitals (ANHP)


Miguel Ángel Hernández is Executive Director of the National Association of Private Hospitals (ANHP). He is a notary and lawyer, specializing in the insurance market with responsibilities in the technical, reinsurance, subscription, and compensation areas of life, personal accidents, and major medical expenses. Previously, he worked as CBDO in BBVA Bancomer and as CPO in Seguros Monterrey New York Life.

"ANHP is 22 years old and has more than 137 hospitals, the most important hospitals in the country."

ANHP plays an important role in the private healthcare sector, providing a united front when advocating with decision makers and, at the same time, keeping all hospitals informed of developments in the government.

Could you tell us about ANHP and the role it seeks within the local healthcare sector?

ANHP is 22 years old and has more than 137 hospitals, the most important hospitals in the country. To date, we have 85% of the most important hospitals in the country, including the chains Ángeles, Puerta de Hierro, Español, ABC, and others, as well as smaller hospitals that are important. All of them need some form of representation with the authorities. We were established due to the need to provide a common front for the private hospital sector, which was growing significantly. We now have a voice in the Security Council and the Ministry of Health, and we keep all the hospitals informed of developments in the government. And at the same time, we have formed collaborative ties with the Mexican Institute of Social Security. All the work we have been doing is well defined and is the result of 20 years of work. We have shown the general public that ANHP can work in harmony with the public sector. Previous efforts had already been made, but with the pandemic, it became abundantly clear that this was essential for the well-being of the population.

What is the next stage for the association?

The main thing is not to lose this synergy as well as unity that has been formed. The Health Council has been working closely with us on new certification models. These models emerge from the General Health Council, which certifies hospitals in terms of quality and patient safety throughout the hospital environment. This certification is important because the more hospitals that have it, the better the sector will be overall. We are in charge of representing that large part of the private sector. All our hospitals are certified, and they all meet national standards. As part of this certification process, we undergo ongoing improvement processes. All this is reflected in our patients, who are better cared for, have better quality of care, and fewer typical hospital problems. We work hard to develop a completely safe hospital environment where patients feel confident that they are receiving the best care possible, the equipment is available and in perfect condition, our nursing staff is well trained and that there are no problems with medication. These are extremely complex things that require excellent logistics and organization. The certification process ensures that everything works properly and has helped the industry improve significantly. Insurers are confident and also heavily promote this process because it ensures that their clients are well cared for. We can also guarantee quality access to healthcare.

How does ANHP plan to further improve the quality of the Mexican health system in the coming years?

The main focus will be to improve the quality of the system through certification processes. We will focus on having indicators that allow us to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of all the processes and systems of a hospital. This will require technology and support from all hospitals, and the private system will be strengthened. The private system is growing, and significant growth in the number of hospitals will begin. Large hospital chains are coming to Mexico. Transparency is another issue that we are concerned about because the general public must see us as being transparent. We have a digital communication program, but it is just starting. There are also small awareness campaigns about what a hospital involves. It is not just a building. It implies a strong investment behind it. The hospital sector has one of the largest investments in the market; services must be available 24 hours a day. Social security also has its costs, and we all pay it out of pocket. It is necessary for the public and private sectors to work together, and ANHP will advocate for the private sector and for health to continue to improve its quality and access to services.



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