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MEXICO - Finance

Miguel Marcos

Regional Commercial Director (LATAM), Exness


Miguel Marcos graduated in economics from the University of Salamanca. He completed postgraduate studies in financial markets and asset management at IEB. He has more than 10 years of experience in the brokerage industry. He currently serves as Regional Director (Latam) for Exness.

“Our primary mission is to become globally recognized as an ethical, tech-driven broker that always strives to do what is right by the trader.”
Exness’ technological solutions help facilitate trading across different asset classes at lower costs and less friction.
In what ways does Exness facilitate trading in LATAM, and how is it different from other brokers?

Despite the fact Exness has been in the market since 2008, we are relatively new in Latin America, having begun our operations in the region about one and a half years ago. As a multi-asset broker, we offer a wide range of products for traders in different markets; however, what we pride ourselves on is our better-than-market conditions. Our goal in Mexico is to facilitate trading for people interested in asset classes such as forex, indices, energies, metals, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. Our technology allows our clients to capitalize on opportunities across these markets with lower costs, much more reliable pricing, and less friction. Some of our most innovative features are created in-house, and these include our unique protections against market volatility as well as our commitment to instant withdrawals, which allow our clients instant access to their funds throughout the day. Our primary mission is to become globally recognized as an ethical, tech-driven broker that always strives to do what is right by the trader. An important part of this is to increase our local presence at different events. We want to be close to our clients and partners in Latin America and improve their understanding of the markets and different platforms available.

Is Exness’ offering geared toward professional investors/traders?

Our platform and offering are perfectly suited for traders of all skill and experience levels. We offer our clients access to the markets through financial derivatives i.e., Contracts for Difference (CFDs); however, trading with CFDs carries a certain degree of risk, which is the reason why we focus on the more experienced trader. There is a misconception in the region that achieving profitability through online trading is easy; however, the truth is that it is a complex endeavor and a riskier one compared to more traditional investment products. While we cater to all traders, we prefer to target clients with experience in the market who can appreciate and capitalize on our offering and market-beating conditions. What drives us is to develop a reliable product with unique features that set it apart from the competition. We are mostly focused on the technological side of the business rather than the commercial side.

What is the company’s financial model, and how do you turn a profit?

Simply put, we make a profit from spreads. For every trade we execute for our clients, we charge a nominal fee. These may vary depending on the market and instrument traded, but we are proud to offer the most stable and reliable pricing in the industry—all thanks to our technological innovations. Our partnership program is built to provide a platform that benefits all parties including our clients and partners. And we believe that our lower pricing translates to a higher client lifetime value and a higher return for partners over the long run. We work with partners that offer different services such as education or market analysis as well as partners that need access to the necessary technological infrastructure to service clients or manage funds. In general, our partners may have clients that are looking for more efficient solutions. Sometimes this may include consultancy, education training, coaching, or anything else that may be related to online trading and the financial markets. These partners are looking for a trustworthy broker to look after their clients and we make sure that they have the best experience possible.



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