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MEXICO - Finance

Miguel Marcos

Regional Commercial Director, Exness


Miguel Marcos graduated in economics from the University of Salamanca. He completed postgraduate studies in financial markets and asset management at IEB. He has more than 10 years of experience in the brokerage industry. He currently serves as Regional Commercial Director for Exness.

"When we talk about a fair and ethical marketplace, we like to highlight how Exness leverages values on the technology."
Exness is committed to creating a fairer and more ethical marketplace via technological innovations, reducing trading costs, and facilitating instant deposits and withdrawals.
How would you describe the role of Mexico within the international business strategy of Exness?

Mexico is today what we consider a new market, meaning a high growth rate both in economical, investment, and trading terms in which Exness still has considerable growth potential. In that context, our focus is providing traders with better-than-market solutions for their financial trading and investments. Our bet is that Mexico will play an important role in our global business mix in the upcoming years.

When it comes to Exness’ goal of creating a fairer and more ethical marketplace, how is the company helping achieve this through its solutions?

When we talk about a fair and ethical marketplace, we like to highlight how Exness leverages values on the technology. It is not enough to say that we are a fair or ethical company, it is about how our products support this statement. What a fair marketplace means for us is offering our clients not only the most accurate price for a specific asset, but also the best trading conditions in the market. To create these conditions, we have been working to reduce the trading cost (reducing spreads and eliminating swaps in the main instruments), as well as creating new trading tools that bring our clients a better and more profitable experience in the market (mid-price stop out, or 0% stop out level, for example). Regarding the ethical character of our company, I always like to say that the most remarkable feature is the ability to offer our clients instant deposits and withdrawals. We were pioneers in this field, and, to date, there are just a few companies in the financial industry bold enough to take this challenge. Allowing clients to access and get their money out instantly was always one of the main friction points in the financial industry in general, and in the brokerage field in particular. It provides the best examples of how to use the technology to support the company’s ethical position.

What investments is Exness working on to continue innovating in the trading market?

Innovation is such an important part of our company. Exness is a technology company, which is why we invest in new deposit and withdrawal solutions that improve the efficiency of trading; new assets that allow our clients to capture all the market opportunities; reducing the trading costs; and improving the customer experience.

As a market maker, what trends are you forecasting for 2024, and what do you consider the main market opportunities in the short to medium term?

It is always hard to forecast what will happen in the market, and more so in the volatile world that we are living in nowadays. The most likely scenario in 2023 would be marked by volatility in the international markets. Geopolitical tension, changes in monetary policy in large and small countries and the likelihood of recession in the largest markets, could create a vast number of opportunities for traders. On the other hand, Bitcoin’s halving will take place within a few months, and it seems like the crypto-market is getting in the new “spring season” that, based on different experts’ opinions, could drive a new bullish market, if not already there.

What are your goals and priorities for 2024 in Mexico and Latam?

The goals for 2024 both in Mexico and the wider region are to continue positioning Exness among the top brokers in the industry and provide better-than-market trading. Upon our arrival in the Latin American region just a few years ago, the traders’ welcome was unquestionable, mainly because we know what experienced traders are looking for. Once they try our robust platform, the is a high chance that they never want to trade elsewhere again.



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