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Mohamad Ali Mohamad Al-Malki

ECUADOR - Economy

Mohamad Ali Mohamad Al-Malki

Ambassador, Qatar


With excellent political relations and many opportunities in Ecuador that are worthy of investment, Qatar will be able to provide its know-how and expertise in key areas in the region.  

The relationship between the state of Qatar and Ecuador is built on mutual respect, and the relations on the political scale are solid between the two countries. This relationship has been in continuous evolution since the establishment of diplomatic relations between both countries.

We have maintained great relations with all successive governments in Ecuador, especially in the areas of mutual support both internationally and on United Nations-related matters. There is no doubt that relations with the current governments follow the same line that is based on respect, cooperation, and consultations among both countries, on diplomatic and political levels.

There are many fields of investment, and Ecuador has many opportunities that are worthy of investment, such as mines, tourism, hydropower, and agriculture as well as fossil energy. The new Ecuadorian government has opened up investment prospects and called on investors to seize the opportunity, which is a good thing and will have positive effects on the Ecuadorian economy. From our point of view, we believe this opportunity should be invested by Qatari businessmen and those who have the desire to invest, but there are some matters that they are trying to reach solutions through with the official authorities to protect investments and investors, because these matters constitute one of the main concerns for investors who want to be sure of their investments.

As you know, capital is cowardly, and it is not possible for an investor to risk their money without guarantees that protect them, and I think this is a legitimate and enforceable matter in most countries in the world.

Yes, Qatar is one of the main players in the field of energy, and Qatar seeks, through its capabilities and experience, to invest in this field, and the State of Qatar has many energy investments in Latin America. Of course, any investment in any field must be profitable, and it is in that spirit that the country began to enter the field of energy.

Any two countries that have opportunities to attract investments, work to attract investors and market their opportunities to countries and companies, because any investing country must know the seriousness of the opportunities in addition to giving real information about the available energy reserves in the country. Therefore, if the State of Qatar found that investing in the energy field in Ecuador is feasible and profitable, and was provided with sufficient information backed by studies and research with positive outcomes in the short and long term, I believe that it will be very positive and beneficial for both parties.



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