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Mohamed Helal Al Mheiri

Director General, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADDCI)


Mohamed Helal Al Mheiri is Director General of Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADDCI).

"ADDCI represents the private sector in Abu Dhabi, and over the last decade the chamber has continued to work with the wise leadership and decision makers to enhance the performance of the private sector in Abu Dhabi."
ADDCI provides investors with valuable advice and enables them to establish major connections, receive the required guidance to launch their business, and grow in Abu Dhabi.
What have been ADDCI’s main achievements over the last decade?

ADDCI represents the private sector in Abu Dhabi, and over the last decade the chamber has continued to work with the wise leadership and decision makers to enhance the performance of the private sector in Abu Dhabi. ADDCI was able to realize many of its objectives at the local, regional, and international levels. Over the last decade, the number of memberships in the chamber grew from 76,000 to around 130,000. ADDCI adopts a number of pioneering initiatives within its objective of contributing to the economic growth of the Emirate, including hosting the annual Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA), supporting female entrepreneurs ever since its establishment, forming a new board of Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council, digitalizing all its services in order to provide its members with a seamless and effective experience, and organizing and participating in key events such as the Middle East Design & Build Week (MEDBW) and the Middle East Manufacturing & Technology Expo (MEMT) to help businesses expand their network and foster strategic networking opportunities. In addition, ADDCI has hosted workshops and seminars that aim to raise the private sector’s awareness of key regulations, provide market updates, and pass on the sector’s concerns to the government and also support global franchises to expand in the region by setting up their business in the UAE. We are glad to see how our initiatives are playing a part in supporting businesses and driving the growth of the private sector.

What are the main advantages of ADDCI membership?

ADDCI provides private businesses with all-inclusive and specialized services to drive their growth and enhance their operations. Membership in the Abu Dhabi Chamber provides companies registered in Abu Dhabi with access to international and local opportunities through the chamber’s vast network of partners, which includes embassies, business councils, local and federal government entities, and international counterparts. In addition, we serve as the medium of communication between the private sector and the UAE government, passing the sector’s voice to the government. The chamber also leads private-sector committees and liaises directly with government partners to alleviate and resolve pressing matters and issues that are experienced within the private sector.

How does ADDCI enhance digital service and e-commerce in business environments?

The Abu Dhabi Chamber is proud to be a 100% digital chamber, which means that all our services can be rendered online. This supports us in meeting the requirements of the private sector seamlessly and effectively. We also moved all of our services to the TAMM platform, an initiative by the Abu Dhabi government to provide swift access to more than 700 government services. Digitization is at the heart of the chamber’s strategy, and in the coming months members will be able to enjoy a new chamber experience in terms of matchmaking, event participation, publications, data and economic insights, and more.

How is the Emirate of Abu Dhabi working toward achieving a knowledge-based economy?

We believe that a successful private sector is the major driver of a successful knowledge-based economy. Over the last decade, Abu Dhabi has been working to transition toward a knowledge-based economy and has worked hard to set up an advanced infrastructure that would enable it to provide an excellent quality of life, as well as accommodate advanced technologies including AI and IoT, with the aim of realizing sustainable economic development in a knowledge-based economy. Abu Dhabi was ranked the number-one smart city in the region and 28th out of 118 cities globally in IMD’s Smart City Index in 2021. Moreover, the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) in Abu Dhabi, which was established in 2019, currently offers programs in the AI field for both local and international students. ADCCI supports businesses across a wide range of industries, a testament of our commitment to transforming the Emirate’s economy through reducing reliance on the oil sector.



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