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Mohammad Al Farei

OMAN - Transport

Mohammad Al Farei

COO, Zubair Automotive Group


Mohammad Al Farei is a senior executive with extensive experience in strategy, operation, and business management. He is responsible for Zubair Automotive Group and its subsidiaries as well as Zubair Investment Corporation and its subsidiaries and serves as a board member of other joint ventures. He is responsible for establishing Oman’s leading marketing communication group and managing its international and local teams as well as restructuring and expanding Oman’s leading luxury jewelry brand across the GCC. He has been part of the Zubair Corporation Management team for nearly 24 years. He holds master’s degrees from the London School of Economics, HEC Paris, and New York Stern University in Economics, Management, and Finance. He has partcipated in an executive program in investment from Columbia Business School.

With the automotive sector becoming increasingly competitive, Zubair Automotive Group continues to align its product and service portfolio to ensure further success and competitiveness.

What strategies has Zubair Automotive Group implemented to overcome challenges at a national and international level?

Zubair Automotive Group plays an integral role within the rapidly changing automotive sector within the Sultanate. Despite its exemplary performance in the last few years, the market has experienced numerous challenges including economic conditions, stiff competition, changes in consumer preferences, and technological changes. To overcome these factors at the national and international levels, the group utilizes the most recent and advanced technology present within the sector to remain competitive, overcoming economic challenges through the provision of increased offerings and sales. Another key strategy that has been successful is partnering with prominent automotive manufacturers across the globe and widely marketing its services. The extensive range of services and product portfolios has also safeguarded us from economic bottlenecks and changes in customer preferences. Customers also have a broader selection in the number of products and services they can choose from, thus encouraging them to remain loyal to the group. With these methods, we have successfully maintained continuous sales regardless of fluctuating economic conditions, both locally and globally.

The Zubair Automotive Group represents some of the most recognizable global automotive brands in Oman. How did you attract global brands and develop your current position?

Zubair Automotive Group has attracted global brands and retained most of them by promising to market their services as per customer requirements. One of the aspects that continues to appeal to customers today is the promise of providing sustainable products and services across the country. This has simultaneously been advantageous for the group since global brands are also looking to partner with service providers who have adopted this practice. One of the trends evident within Oman’s automobile sector is the presence of reliable technologies, available at the Zubair Automotive Group. This enables us to stay ahead of competitors by providing our partners and customers with all the suitable requirements for all their transportation needs.

The group also provides diverse portfolio within the automotive industry with services such as Zubair Mega Body Shop, Zubair Leasing and Rental, and Sayarti. Are you looking to expand and bring in other services?

Change is the only constant factor for any sector. Any organization that does not adapt to accommodate transformation puts its long-term survival and sustainability at risk. Furthermore, the automotive sector is increasingly becoming more competitive, forcing companies to transform as per market needs or wind up operations. Zubair Automotive Group will strive to continue to align its product and service portfolio to ensure further success and competitiveness. Apart from Zubair Mega Body Shop, Zubair Leasing and Rental, and Sayarti, the group has plans to establish other automotive solutions and maintenance services. Once implemented, this will see a rise in the number of the entities that will partner with the group for long-term business activities, while consequently helping Zubair Automotive Group to counteract stringent market competition through the creation of a more extensive and all-encompassing retail facility for its customers. Additional market research is necessary to determine customers’ needs for an additional product and service portfolio.

How important is promoting human capital development and local talent within Zubair?

Human capital development is the core of commercial success for the Zubair Automotive Group. Our endeavors to thrive are based on the capabilities of our human capital to meet customer requirements within the vibrant automotive industry. Training programs will see the development of local talent within the Zubair Group in line with its corporate social responsibility and labor policy objectives. It will also promote understanding of consumer needs to advance into a Zubair-led transportation industry. With the increased growth of the alternative energy sector within the Sultanate and around the world, we must be prepared with the required human capital to meet the forthcoming expectations. The group looks to implement strategies to develop the essential competencies as per current and future needs at large.



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