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Mohammad E. Al-Muaili CEO, Kuwait Resources House (KRH)

KUWAIT - Transport

Mohammad E. Al-Muaili

CEO, Kuwait Resources House (KRH)


Mohammad E. Al-Muaili brings over 20 years of experience focused on logistics, operation due diligence, and investment. Prior to his current role, he was the CEO of Resal Holding company based in Saudi Arabia. Before that, Al-Muaili established a private equity boutique called Business Gate Holding. He is currently Vice Chairman of Real Estate House Company (REH) and a member of the college of business industrial advisory board at the Australian University. He was also vice chairman & CEO of Mubarrad Transport Company Kuwait. Al-Muaili holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from California State University and an MBA from University of Manchester and is an alumnus of London Business School.

"During the pandemic we had to enhance our capabilities and cope with the challenges at the highest level."
As a leading human resources provider in the region, KRH specializes in high-complexity solutions project development.
What makes the company’s operation so unique?

KRH has been in business for the past 30-plus years. We started our journey by providing services for the defense industry. In 1991, during the liberation of Kuwait, we collaborated with the US Army and started adopting its standards in the process. This significantly accelerated our growth and enhanced our recognition in the market. We are the best at what we do, and we continue to achieve excellence. Over time, we have grown and expanded our services into other sectors, especially in the highly qualified industries. One of them being the oil and gas industry, because Kuwait’s economy depends heavily on oil. Business-wise, it is the most sophisticated sector when it comes to standards and requirements, which aligns with what KRH represents. We began to focus more on providing specific requirements for the oil and gas industry. We also worked on supporting the Ahmadi Hospital, which is owned by KOC, by providing the ancillary services. It required a great deal of work from our side to be qualified. Recently, we became the main provider of nurses for the hospital, thus making us the largest human capital provider for that facility. At a later stage, we also participated in a few contracts on providing certain engineering, admin, IT, and linguistic employees.

What is the scope of the services provided by KRH?

We call ourselves a one-stop shop for resources and logistics. We have services that are integrated with each other between HR services and life support. Recently, we add a new service—engineering—that is also integrated with other services we provide. As a sponsorship package we provide normalization and legalization. We also deliver complete payroll and recruitment services including skilled labor such as engineers, medical technical staff, and IT professionals. Then, we also specialize in mass mobilization. We handle medical and life insurance for all the staff depending on the requirements. Moreover, we provide travel management services as well. In fact, we have our own subsidiary called Bon Voyage, which serves our clients. With a large amount of manpower, it makes sense to have a complementary product to support our travel needs. We have many services to complement our HR services including accommodation, catering, laundry services, project management services, camp supervision, and transportation. Our services are highly tailored to fit the client’s needs.

As a human capital-heavy company, how did KRH deal with the challenges of the pandemic?

During the pandemic we had to enhance our capabilities and cope with the challenges at the highest level. We sought to become a resilient organization in order to overcome the difficult period. We started by creating a local task force and moved the majority of our processes online. Additionally, we provided psychological support for our project employees. It was not an easy task, but through the collaboration with our customers, we came up with an agile set of solutions that were beneficial to both our team and counterparts.

What opportunities do you see for international companies coming to Kuwait?

This region can be an attractive location for all international companies. Most of the expansion plans happening right now come from the Middle East, so there is an expectation of growth here. The government is serious about amending the laws and regulations to attract international companies. With greater collaboration between the Kuwaiti private sector and international companies, Kuwait will see greater progress in the upcoming projects announced by the government. These projects will definitely need international companies to participate. One of the sectors that should be looked at is logistics, as Kuwait has been blessed with a geographic location in the middle of the region close to the countries that could use its support. Kuwait will be a great connector between these different parts of the continent, as well as the stopover between the East and West.



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