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KRH Mohammed E. Al Muaili_PORTRAIT

KUWAIT - Transport

Mohammad E. Al-Muaili

CEO, Kuwait Resource House (KRH)


Mohammad E. Al-Muaili brings over 20 years of experience focused on logistics, operational due diligence, and investment. Prior to his current role, he was the CEO of Resal Holding company based in Saudi Arabia. Before that, Al-Muaili established a private equity boutique called Business Gate Holding. He is currently Vice Chairman of Real Estate House Company (REH) and a member of the college of business industrial advisory board at the Australian University. He was also vice chairman & CEO of Mubarrad Transport Company Kuwait. Al-Muaili holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from California State University and an MBA from University of Manchester and is an alumnus of London Business School.

"Our current focus involves both organic and inorganic growth strategies with the aim of attaining a specific market share in various GCC countries."
KRH has developed the KRH Strategic Partnership Network that not only offers a platform for international companies to enter Kuwait and the wider region by showcasing their products and technology, but also offers them complete logistics support.
Which of the sectors KRH operates in has shown significant growth recently?

KRH has traditionally operated primarily in the defense sector; however, recently there has been pronounced growth in the oil and gas and the health sectors. These are sectors that we believe are resilient in the region, experiencing substantial demand not only within Kuwait but also throughout the wider region. Particularly, the healthcare sector saw significant growth, underscored by the pivotal role played by healthcare professionals during COVID-19.

KRH operates in several countries, so how do you capitalize on the benefits of a diversified market landscape?

KRH leverages a replicative model, ensuring that services offered in Kuwait are mirrored in other nations while being tailored to adhere to each country’s specific laws and regulations. Each of our strategic business units in different countries are modified and adjusted to the unique legal frameworks of its respective location, which not only ensures compliance but also enhances agility. For example, given the importance of oil and gas to Kuwait’s economy, providing the right personnel is essential. Our approach entails providing the right personnel with a focus on proximity to Kuwaiti companies, ensuring services meet quality standards and address clients’ demands swiftly.

What technology advancement or implementation have you implemented in 2023?

We always focus on innovation and ensuring an innovative system. This has led to the creation of KRH Academy, a pioneering solution that offers customized training for both blue and white-collar workers, with certifications and accreditations. Notably, the KRH Academy received the ISOA Global Impact Award in the innovation category, a significant achievement in a global competition for this prestigious US-based award, marking a unique milestone for a regional company to be recognized on such a platform.

How is the company positioned to attract foreign investment in Kuwait?

We have established the KRH Strategic Partnership Network (KSPN), through which we pursue potential business partnerships in specific segments, promoting the entry of international companies into Kuwait and the broader region by showcasing their products and technology. This strategic network provides a clear positioning and a platform for these companies, leveraging a regional partner well-versed in the regulatory frameworks of each country. By offering comprehensive logistics support, KRH aims to enhance their focus on core business activities, ensuring efficiency and expediting their entry into the market. Essentially, KRH KSPN serves as a valuable tool for attracting foreign investment, encompassing both financial support and the introduction of cutting-edge products and technologies.

KRH has expanded its presence in Saudi Arabia. Can you elaborate on the key sectors where the company is primarily active?

Prince Mohammed bin Salman has a clear vision and KPIs. With the anticipation of substantial growth in Saudi Arabia leading up to the World Cup in 2034, KRH as a service provider emphasizes maintaining a quality level that aligns with the market requirements. KRH’s alignment with the Saudi government’s strategy has contributed to a successful journey in the Kingdom. Today, we find a robust talent pool thanks to Saudization, which has added value to our organization in Saudi Arabia. KRH is actively engaged in sectors such as defense, health, and telecommunications, each experiencing growth and reflecting the Kingdom’s comprehensive approach to maximizing the potential of various industries. We see great opportunities in almost every sector in Saudi Arabia.

What are your plans for other GCC countries?

Our current focus involves both organic and inorganic growth strategies with the aim of attaining a specific market share in various GCC countries. In addition, some of our subsidiaries are more agile in term of expanding into other locations. We have outlined a strategic plan extending until the end of 2025, which prioritizes stabilizing our presence in these countries. As a strategic company, KRH is certainly in it for the long term. Any potential investors looking to grow should look at the GCC region, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and the UAE, where many plans and opportunities are unfolding.



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