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OMAN - Energy & Mining

Mohammed Al Naseeb



Mohammed Al Naseeb joined Oman LNG in 1997 as part of the EPC resident team of the LNG complex in Sur. He held a number of positions within the manufacturing department in the complex, mainly in the engineering department. Upon return from a cross-posting assignment with Shell, Al Naseeb took over the position of maintenance manager, later becoming the engineering manager. He was also Oman LNG’s chief marketing officer from 2016-2020, when he was appointed its Chief Operating Officer.

"Omanis form 96% of the company’s workforce, which affirms Oman LNG’s dedication to fostering Omanization as a primary focus in its business activities and operations."

Mohammed Al Naseeb, COO of Oman LNG, talks to TBY about Oman’s place in the global LNG market.

How will Oman LNG’s increased gas production change Oman’s position in the global LNG exporting market?

Oman LNG plays a respective role in supporting the national economy, boosting the GDP and maintaining Oman’s position in the global energy trade. With a state-of-art plant complex in Sur and a stellar “best at what we do” reputation, Oman LNG was successfully able to complete its global marketing campaign that saw the signing of several binding term sheet agreements to deliver a total of 10.4 million metric tons per annum of LNG to customers around the globe starting from 2025. Additionally, Oman LNG inked new sales and purchase agreements to enhance its economic expansion and performance by utilizing its top industry partners, as seen by the recent renewals of shareholding agreements. The company continues seeking new opportunities to maintain the Sultanate of Oman’s reputation in the international energy trade and to secure its market position as a provider of clean and dependable energy.

How would you assess the level of localization and in-country value (ICV) in the Omani energy sector, and how would you describe Oman LNG’s contribution, in particular, to Omanization and ICV?

Omanis form 96% of the company’s workforce, which affirms Oman LNG’s dedication to fostering Omanization as a primary focus in its business activities and operations. Since its foundation in 2000, the company pledged to deploy Omani skillsets and talents as part of its success. More than 100 interns joined Oman LNG in 2022 for a rigorous one-year internship development program to enhance their capabilities and enable them to meet the future job market requirements. In this line, the company launched multiple leadership development programs to strengthen the capacities and further promote Omanization. We have deployed local talents and skills in different departments and areas not only to enrich the local capabilities but also to develop the concepts of ICV. Notable advancements in the company’s operations are owed to its efforts in leveraging ICV, with more than 50 technically skilled Omanis participating in the turnaround activities.

In 2022, Oman LNG inked a partnership with ITHCA Group to bring on Oracle’s Enterprise Management Planning (ERP) infrastructure. What is the importance of cloud infrastructure and other emerging technologies to oil and gas operations?

The agreement with ITHCA forms a necessary part of Oman LNG’s strive toward digital journey, where its importance revolves around its role in supporting the company’s ERP application with an oracle cloud system. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform is a great option for Oman LNG workloads because of its exceptional performance, distinctive cluster networking, and quick provisioning of bare-metal servers. It also contributes to the automation and management of business processes for optimal performance, where it facilitates easier migration of enterprise workloads, provide autonomous services that secure and tune our application as well as address our security. In addition, for Oracle databases and workloads, Oracle Cloud offers the finest deployment options, optimal performance, optimal availability, and lowest prices.

What strategy will you adopt to future-proof your growth, and what role can you play in helping Oman reach its green energy targets?

From delivering the Middle East’s first carbon neutral LNG cargo to joining the Hy-Fly National Hydrogen Alliance, Oman LNG has made a firm pledge to contribute in environmental preservation and protection. The carbon-neutral LNG cargo is distinguished by its use of nature-based carbon credits to offset full lifecycle CO2 emissions generated across the LNG value chain. The company intends to use green energy to reduce carbon footprint, generate oxygen, combat climate change, and foster sustainability, ultimately aiming to reach the nationwide commitment toward net zero emissions by 2050. Oman LNG ensures to meet goal zero in each and every operation to secure causing no harm to the people and the environment. Our recent participation in Dubai’s COP28 is unsurprising, as it translates our limitless commitment to showcase our efforts while expanding our knowledge and experience in the field from global and regional perspectives and points of views.



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