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Mohannad Almadi


Mohannad Almadi

CEO, Z Company for Advertising & Public Relations


Mohannad Almadi is a tier one and C-Level advisor with proven expertise in shaping public image and influencing public opinion through strategic communication. He holds a bachelor of business administration from the US. As Group CEO of Z Company for Advertising and Public Relations, Almadi’s diverse project leadership and close client relationships have refined a tested perspective and a wealth of knowledge, shaping him into an incisive leader in the advertising and PR landscape.. Almadi currently advises governmental and private companies on their communication strategies, leading teams and overseeing the execution of comprehensive communication projects.

"The Saudi communication landscape, which was once solely under government control, has transformed into a vibrant and diverse ecosystem, brimming with growth potential."
Serving Saudi Arabia’s biggest clients for over three decades has granted Z Company the honor of witnessing remarkable growth within the industry, leaving us with an extended knowledge and experience.
Could you provide an overview of Z and its operations?

Z Advertising and Public Relations Company was established in 1990 by a passionate architectural engineer that initially focused on below-the-line services such as designing prints, brochures, flyers, reports, magazines, and such. In 1998, it entered the events industry during a momentous occasion: Saudi Arabia’s 100-year celebrations. This marked the inception of our presence in the events landscape, leading to more substantial contracts. In 1999, recognizing the need for comprehensive control over our graphic designs and prints, we established a digital printing company. Building on our 13 years of experience, in 2003 we ventured into consultation contracts, offering services such as communication consultancy and communication plans. In 2006, we expanded our services further by launching a unit dedicated to web development. Our evolution continued until 2011-2012, when we transitioned the unit into a social and digital media company, staying ahead of the curve in the digital media landscape. In 2017, the founder and CEO retired after 27 years, and I assumed leadership of the company. Over our 33-year journey, Z has navigated through multiple economic and political crises, with the most recent being the pandemic three years ago. Not only did we survive these challenges, but we also emerged bigger and stronger, continuing to thrive. Serving some of Saudi Arabia’s most prominent clients, from the Royal Court to numerous ministries and major corporations, has equipped us with the talent, experience, and know-how to provide top-notch services to these entities. Our approach involves leveraging local Saudi expertise while adhering to international standards.

How has the communication landscape in Saudi evolved in the last three decades, and what opportunities do you currently identify within the country?

The Saudi communication landscape, which was once solely under government control, has transformed into a vibrant and diverse ecosystem, brimming with growth potential. Fueled by a young, tech-savvy population, the market demands high-quality materials across various platforms, contributing to the flourishing digital advertising and content creation sector. Influencer marketing has gained prominence, with businesses leveraging trusted voices for brand loyalty. Professional PR services are increasingly sought after to manage crucial stakeholder relationships. The importance of localized content is paramount, as over 80% of internet users access the web in Arabic. This dynamic landscape is further enhanced by Vision 2030’s emphasis on a robust media sector, the growing influence of women in society shaping communication styles, and the urgent need for impactful campaigns addressing sustainability and environmental challenges. This confluence of factors paints a promising picture for the Saudi communication landscape, offering exciting opportunities for future growth and positive change. Currently, Z stands at a 60% Saudization rate, delivering international standards to global companies and top government officials. Our plans include increasing the Saudization percentage while maintaining diversity within our workforce, recognizing the benefits of diversity for both our team and clients.

In this context how do you position the company within the Saudi media market?

Z Company for Advertising and PR positions itself as a one-stop shop for comprehensive marketing solutions. Specializing in large-scale projects, we offer a full spectrum of services, seamlessly covering initiatives building, strategic thinking, communication plans, content creation, graphic design, video production, prints, event exhibitions, all within one organization. Our team, predominantly comprising Saudi talents with international skills and experience, upholds the standards of a value-driven organization. A central aspect of our mission is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of Saudi communication leaders, a commitment we take seriously.

How are you working to integrate innovation into your services?

We always stay ahead through continuous research and analysis. By delving deep into our clients’ unique needs, we craft tailor solutions for the audience. Data drives our optimization efforts, ensuring a continuous evolution of our communications strategy to achieve maximum impact. Additionally, we actively adopt new technologies to craft immersive experiences that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. Disruptive trends within our strategy encompass hyper-personalization, influencer marketing, and the creation of localized content. Our impact transcends immediate success, as we foster a culture rooted in openness and transparency. Through training and mentorship initiatives, we empower local talent and actively contribute to a sustainable ecosystem through collaborative efforts. Our commitment lies in partnering with clients to navigate the dynamic landscape. Leveraging innovation, cultural understanding, and data-driven insights, we aim to deliver transformative solutions, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of communication in Saudi Arabia.

What are the most sought-after trends or needs among your clients in Saudi Arabia currently?

Our core competencies lie in crafting and executing public opinion-forming campaigns. These initiatives come into play when introducing new products, services, or regulations, whether initiated by a company or the government. Our track record attests to our proficiency in handling such projects. Furthermore, the primary segment of our clientele comprises government agencies, with the bulk of communication advisory, including marketing and PR, being predominantly orchestrated by government entities. In the current landscape, the government stands out as the foremost buyer in Saudi Arabia. Capitalizing on our expertise and experience, we are strategically venturing into larger-scale projects, aiming for expansion and diversification of revenue streams by incorporating new products and services.

What are the main differences between the communication strategy from the government bodies and the Saudi private sector?

With Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 acting as a guiding roadmap, government agencies have a distinct advantage in terms of communication strategy. Their alignment with the Saudi vision makes it easier to develop and execute impactful advisory and communication initiatives. However, the private sector presents a more diverse and challenging landscape. Companies vary significantly in their approach to communication. Some have well-defined visions and robust communication strategies, while others lack a clear direction or dedicated communication efforts.

What are your key realities for the coming year?

Building a pipeline of internationally competitive Saudi professionals is our key to unlocking future success by equipping young talent with best-in-class training. We plan to pave the way for increased revenues, diversified business streams, and a sustainable future.



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