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Moisés Cosí­o

MEXICO - Tourism

Moisés Cosí­o

Owner, Capitanes


Moisés Cosí­o is the owner of the basketball team Capitanes. He is an entrepreneur, film producer, and Mexican art collector. He studied communication and film, and founded the production company Detalle Film. He is a patron of prestigious museums in Mexico City such as Tamayo and MUAC. He also sits on the international board of the New Museum in New York City. He has collaborated with several institutions, such as MoMa.

Capitanes' goal is to represent Latin America in the world's biggest basketball league and achieve success on the back of a close-knit team.

What motivated you to invest in Capitanes?
It was based on my passion for basketball and not having any sport to follow in Mexico City. My decision to invest in Capitanes coincided with Kobe Bryant’s retirement. When he retired, I was with a friend, who is also a partner at Capitanes, and we both talked about what to do in our free time after Kobe’s retirement. We decided to look into Mexican basketball. We started investigating and realized that the basketball scene in Mexico was even smaller than we thought. That said, there were basketball fans because basketball is the third-most followed sport in the country. I arranged a meeting with the president of the Mexican professional league and discussed what was necessary to create a Mexico City team. He gave a lot of information and ideas, which we used to work on the project. Our main purpose was to create something that we would enjoy watching as fans of the game, but as soon as we got into it, we saw the huge potential on offer.

Can you tell us about the objective behind Capitanes joining the NBA G League?
The NBA is the best league in the world, and we have modelled Capitanes according to the NBA. For us, it is important that the NBA is looking at Mexico now. In Capitanes, we have found a great way to give more exposure to local players and represent Mexico in a US league.

How was the performance of Capitanes in the first year?
Initially, we were not able to create more revenue but we saw the light at the end of the tunnel and what we needed to do to get there. In the first season, everything surpassed our expectations. For example, the stadium was 80% full in the middle of the season. From that game onward, our attendance only increased. The players got really close to us and started loving the team and what we represented. With all this positive energy, we ended up getting into the finals. I feel that in Mexican basketball, there is no concept of entertainment other than the sport itself, which is why we focused on making the experience pleasant, even for those who do not enjoy basketball. Everything that has happened since then has been a big surprise, including getting into the G League.

What strategies are you using to ensure your team can compete at the highest level?
Everything that we lack in experience we make up with passion. What separates us from other teams is that our base is made of Mexican players. Even the international players in our team are from Spanish-speaking countries. This clicked with the players and fans. We started supporting the players, which was new to them since other owners suspended them for wanting to create a union. This allowed us to establish close relationships with the players. Even players from the opposing team would celebrate with us and show their interest in joining the team. This was unheard of before. Our goal is to represent Latin America. We want to create a clear pathway for Latin American players to join the NBA. Our biggest achievement would be when a player from Capitanes ends up in the NBA. This is our main focus from here on.

What have you done to adapt to the COVID-19 epidemic?
We are figuring out what our future opportunities are as it is a good time to tell our story and get more active on social media. We can bring fans into the whole process by creating videos to get people closer to the team. We want to give an inside look of the amazing journey that we have been on over the last three seasons. One option is to get involved with e-sports, and we are looking to do that in the medium term.



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