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General Manager, Mareauto Colombia S.A.S,


The General Manager of Mareauto Colombia S.A.S, Andres Hernandez is an economist from the Universidad del Rosario, with a specialization in managing finance from George Washington University. He has 15 years of experience in the renting business including with Grupo Bancolombia, Grupo Pichincha, and Grupo Maresa. He has been managing Avis Renting in Colombia for seven years.

TBY talks to Andres Hernandez, General Manager of Mareauto Colombia S.A.S, AVIS Colombia, on outgrowing the market by legions, providing customers with an unforgettable experience, and offering a timeless premium service.

What have been Avis’ main accomplishments since beginning operations in Colombia?

In the last few years, Mareauto Colombia, an operator of the AVIS franchise, has established itself as a successful organization that has continuously raised its standards of quality and service. As a result, today AVIS Colombia is recognized as the best AVIS franchise in Latin America and the Caribbean.

How was 2017 for the company, and what is your forecast for 2018?

Due to remarkable commercial management, in 2017 we achieved larger growth than the market, growing in operation above 30% and placing AVIS as the second player in the car rental market in Colombia. In 2018 we expect to maintain the trend and grow by 20%.

What has been the strategy behind this growth?

The strategy of AVIS has three main pillars: the consolidation of a top-notch team, improvement of service quality by reaching international standards (ISO 9001), and an aggressive commercial strategy. These three pillars have given us a vision of the future of a large company.

How does AVIS compete in the Colombian market with other international car rental companies?

AVIS is a premium brand; our goal is to provide a memorable experience for those who rent a car with us. We are not the cheapest in the market, but we work hard to offer the best service and ensure our customers leave satisfied and return.

How does AVIS position itself in terms of opportunities arising from the tourism sector?

AVIS is a transnational brand, with a presence in more than 180 countries around the world. Our international clients seek us out because they know we offer a premium service.



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