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İlker Baydar

General Manager, Hepsiburada


Our ultimate target is to bring convenience to the Turkish consumer by offering everything a customer needs or wants online. This is a unique model for Turkey, and there are only five or six other e-commerce platforms like ours, such as Amazon or eBay, for example.


We’ve brought a senseof trust to internet shopping thanks to our reputation and the confidence we inspire in consumers. The business model has proven solid, and today we sell 381,000 products per day. We ship 46,000 units a day from our warehouses, 64% of which are outside of Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir.


There are about 37 million connected people in Turkey, with about 9 million people who regularly shop online. If we don’t include online banking, airlines, travel, food, and, we’re still talking about around 4 million people who shop online at e-commerce sites.

Sina Afra

Chairman & CEO, Markafoni


We have 710 employees and we sell over 800,000 products via 500 campaigns a month. We have a monthly traffic of 22 million hits, which is more than double of any mall’s unique visitors in Turkey.


There are over 50 fashion companies of different formats. Every time we participate in market research, Markafoni is recognized as the leading brand—not just in fashion, but also in local e-commerce.


The e-commerce sector in Turkey is registering upward of TL15 billion in revenue, all formats included—marketplaces, flash sales, and retailers. Out of that, TL6 billion is business-to-consumer sales.

Erdem Yurdanur

Co-Founder, Erdem Yurdanur


We are now the largest, best, and most detailed football database on the internet. Users come to our website before placing bets in order to check all of the statistics. Then, they place their bets on legal websites before coming back to us to check the results.


At our company, we have about 35 editors, moderators, and operators and about 10,000 Turkish volunteers who attend matches. Every week, we publish the results of about 1,000 matches, 100 of which take place in Turkey.


We also receive live data from a company in Switzerland about games happening all around the world. If you watch the game on TV, you learn the results at least 10 seconds later than we do, because the image has to go through the satellite. Those 10 seconds are very important, and we are much faster.



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