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Mónica Samudio

MEXICO - Green Economy

Mónica Samudio

Country Managing Director, Circutor


Mónica Samudio is a marketing expert. She holds a degree in electrical engineering from the Colombian School of Engineering, a degree in electrical mechanical engineering from Tecnológico de Monterrey, and a specialization in the Mexican energy sector from ITAM. She has more than 20 years of experience in energy, particularly in key positions within leading companies in the sector for Mexico and Latam. She promotes engineering solutions in energy efficiency in the private sector and in projects for transmission and distribution of electrical energy for state companies. Samudio is currently responsible for all Circutor activities in Mexico and Central America.

Circutor offers expert consulting services in a wide variety of sectors in addition to energy efficient solutions that help clients maximize their operations and reduce their carbon footprints.

When did you start operations in Mexico, and what has been your experience in this market?

Circutor is nearly 47 years old and was created in Spain. We have been in Mexico for more than 20 years and 15 years with an office. We were not widely known as Circutor because at the time we were only active behind the scenes of many OEM companies and companies that provide measuring and capacitive equipment. We just started promoting our solutions for electric mobility infrastructure three years ago. Around two years ago, we started a branding process to promote ourselves. The company identified Mexico as a country with a large growth potential, in which energy efficiency and sustainability is an important foundation for the future of its economy. After the energy reform, we decided to promote our services more openly. Mexico is a strategic country for those interested in Central America, the Caribbean, and the US.

How has your business weathered the pandemic?

In December 2019, the projection for 2020 was positive. We had an aggressive marketing plan for 2020, as a company that provides services to many businesses. We were preparing ourselves to enter the infrastructure segment, among other industries. Then the pandemic started, and sectors we had been targeting such as hotels had lost importance. Fortunately, our solutions were considered essential for the processes of a wide variety of industries such as food, beverage, retail, mining, metals, and automotive, which is why we were able to maintain our operations despite the economic deceleration in the region. Despite this though, it is a challenge to sell our services remotely. We offer solutions in engineering and energetic efficiency remotely which was something completely new to us. There was an improvement in the second half of 2020 with projects we already had in the pipeline. We managed to close 2020 with similar figures to those of 2019, despite the new scenario. We were particularly pleased not to have laid off any employees. The main challenge we face is prolonged delivery times due to the lack of availability of raw material, which has increased the price of products. I have been in this business for many years, and there are always some unexpected events such as hurricanes, or other disasters. Election years also pose challenges. And now the pandemic has struck. Despite these challenges, we ended the year with solid figures. Besides, new opportunities will always emerge. For example, we are working extensively with solutions that make more efficient use of energy in food and beverage and mining.

What sectors are you focused on in Mexico, and where are you seeing the most interest in your services?

Last year, the most important sector for us was mining and metals, and food, both of which we have a large amount of experience around the world. It was a good year for the mining sector. Another industry that recorded solid performance in 2021 was last-mile logistics services. Companies like Amazon or Mercado Libre require these logistics services to deliver their goods. The main concern for the industrial sector is to identify strategies that generate savings to maximize investments. Today, we are also witnessing great concern from companies to improve sustainability policies. Our services enhance the effectiveness of environmental, sustainable and governance policies (ESG). We are also involved in helping companies and the public sector create policies that reduce CO2 emissions and promote sustainability and clean energies. Circutor offers expert consulting services. Through our energy management process, we increase awareness of energy consumption among our clients. With our solutions, we want the client to receive a more efficient energy service that generates savings and ensures the system remains useful for many years. Our systems help to ensure that equipment is fully operational. What’s more, such equipment helps to reduce the carbon footprint.



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