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Monjid Othman Abdulmajeed CEO, RC AL MANA

QATAR - Real Estate & Construction

Monjid Othman Abdulmajeed



Monjid Othman Abdulmajeed has been CEO & board member of the RC AL MANA group of companies since its establishment in 1998. He holds a BS in civil engineering from University of Missouri in the US and has worked in leading and delivering prestigious projects in Qatar.

RC AL MANA is one of the top players in Qatar, committed to the country’s development and employing innovative construction techniques.
What is your assessment of the company’s preparations to host a memorable FIFA World Cup?

RC AL MANA tried to be a part of the stadiums, though unfortunately, we did not win any of the tenders; however, we are glad to be doing the Lusail Commercial Boulevard, which is the fan-zone street. We are also doing many hotels that have been built for the World Cup, such as the Banyan Tree, Dusit, Accor Swissôtel, Sofitel and Novotel. Other than that, we are currently constructing the biggest water park in the Middle East, Qetaifan North Water Park, which will be an entertainment option for tourists. Therefore, about 80-90% of our work these days is related to the World Cup 2022. 2021 was one of the most challenging years for the construction industry, due to COVID-19. We had challenges as well as difficulties handing over important jobs. We also could not hire new people from outside. We needed thousands of people, so we had to hire them from the market, at higher prices. There were also changes like the minimum wage for workers, which increased slightly and was a financial burden. This affected the entire sector. At the end of the day, we are negotiating with the leadership in the country, to show them our expenses, and what we had to solve to get to this level.

RC AL MANA has been in charge of developing the Lusail Commercial Boulevard. What has been the company’s approach to this outstanding project?

This street will be the fan-zone area for the World Cup that was slated within the same stadium. It is a 1.3-km street with 18 buildings. It will have a ground floor, restaurants, hotels, a museum, and mega marts. Guests can enter through a fan-zone area, with four towers that another contractor is building. The whole street will be designed and built by us, and one-third of that street will be air-conditioned. After the World Cup, it will be a landmark. It will be the best street in Qatar to go on walks, shopping, and leisure activities. We have other major project, a water park that will be one of the biggest water parks in the region. It is linked to a hotel that will be built by another contractor. It will also be an attraction after the World Cup and will also benefit residents of this country. It will serve to attract people from outside to visit Qatar. We won the water park project because of our experience in the entertainment sector of projects. This sector is important for us. After 2022, I expect the country to look toward entertainment as a requirement to attract overseas visitors.

How does the company’s new slogan, Reliable Partner in Qatar’s Growth, reflect the company’s strategy to align with Vision 2030?

The rebranding was the starting point of shifting the company to the digital era. This is part of the ongoing evolution of our company and our effort of being more agile and adaptive of new technologies. Ashghal is going digital; all clients are going digital. We wanted to start a new system, with new software and technology to help us in the future. The future will be built on that technology. This new brand reflects our futurist vision and permanent commitment to the construction industry and innovative techniques. Our continued ambition to embrace the country’s development and maintain our position as pioneers in the construction in Qatar is tailored under a challenging new look. Qatar will welcome the world at the upcoming events that the country hosts. These events will be materialized thanks to projects like the ones we are currently involved in and like those that we anticipate. RC Al Mana will be part of these events with innovative and modern leadership, as well as with clear methodology and sharp style. Exactly as the values that convey the way we work. 



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