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The north of Mexico, especially Monterrey, continues to be an interesting place for investment given its privileged location to service the US from a logistics perspective.

Andrés Ochoa-Búnsow

President, Invest Monterrey

Monterrey is a highly sophisticated economic platform that offers great elements for companies to develop in different sectors of the state. In all major sectors of the economy, the platform that the state offers is comparable to those of many countries. Capital is scarce on a global level, and attracting it requires great effort. At Invest Monterrey, we demonstrate that the business platform in Nuevo León is ideal for doing successful business. The element that gives the state of Nuevo León greater competitiveness is education. Nuevo León’s academic platform is incomparable. The major educational institutions at all levels are present and are committed to the state. They also have a great affinity with the business sector and can focus their educational offerings on the needs of companies. We are set to launch a regulatory and government relations committee focused on making sure that the legal platform and the legislative agenda take the economic development needs into account. We need to work with local authorities and companies to ensure that our platform is the most effective and efficient. The legal and regulatory framework must also respond to the needs of a modern and constantly evolving economy.

Luis Ricardo Rodrí­guez

Managing Partner, Monarch Global Strategies

There is a great deal of appetite from Mexican firms that want to diversify their markets instead of having only a Mexican presence. There are many looking outbound for investing or establishing new operations. We are currently handling many firms that are looking into that, namely companies such as retail or manufacturing that are looking outside of Mexico to continue their operations or service the markets that they already have a presence in. Monarch is not a big firm; we have only 15 people on staff and have offices in Los Angeles, Washington, Mexico City, and Monterrey. Our business strategy is to have people that are subject-matter experts rather than those who are just jumping from one area of expertise to another. We also have people on our staff who deal with infrastructure projects and offer particular expertise related to that. We also provide legal services for start-up incorporation and everything related to that. If a client requires extremely specific services, we will refer them to those with that specific expertise because our strategy is not to service all areas. We would rather focus on those that we have strength in and use that to grow our business.

Eduardo Cantú

CEO, Eduardo Cantú

As an organization, we are focused on developing an important alliance with the US. Through this alliance, we will develop better logistics solutions for our customers and increase our portfolio of services. Not only that, but we also plan to increase our presence in many states in the US where we want to develop the same services we have in Mexico. The fact is that, many times, North American companies do not know how or with whom to solve all their transportation, logistics, customs, and other needs. Our priority now is to follow through with this alliance. We also have another objective in mind that promotes strategic controlled warehouses. This solution is a warehouse where you can store foreign, national, or nationalized products, besides being able to keep them close to where they will be consumed or near the market. Currently, we are starting this implementation at several points across the country. Another objective is the implementation of a digital platform called Handel oriented specifically to small companies keen to import and/or export. It is an international trade facilitation tool whereby you can generate significant volume with multiple customers, with a fast and convenient user experience.

Rodrigo Montemayor

Partner, North America Transactional Group Baker Mckenzie

Monterrey has a high level of sophistication in terms of the services it can provide to foreign investors. It also has some of the best universities in the Latin America and a highly qualified labor force, plenty of it multicultural and bilingual and well accustomed to work with foreign companies, which is always important. The government has been extremely accommodating in receiving and helping foreign investment come to Monterrey. The local Ministry of Economy has a team of advisors that are highly skilled in helping foreign companies make a soft landing in the area. There is a great initiative called Invest Monterrey, an association created by the private and public sectors, as well as the academic institutions, dedicated to foster and facilitate investment in the city with the objective of positioning Monterrey as the best place to invest and do business in Mexico. The government and the private sector are extremely talented at that, making it a great place to explore investing. We excel in understanding the environment and the resources we need to allow our clients to be successful. We have a great network of offices that make it easy to attract investment in coordination with offices where our investor companies are doing business now.

Mauricio Garza Kalifna

Managing Director, Interpuerto Monterrey

The last mile for logistics has grown significantly, and Interpuerto is focused on production, manufacturing, and distribution. Some of our companies based at Intepuerto Monterrey are in the automobile business, they had to shut down for a few weeks. However, we also have the food industry, and it was working 24/7. For example, we have Mondelez, Jumex, and Niagara on site, and these companies were working extensively to provide their products to the market. Currently we have more than 1,100ha available, so we are very flexible and can accommodate any type of industry in the project. This is a positive thing, because we have a great diversity within our clients in the park. We have sold around 200ha. Additionally we have great flexibility and can offer from 1ha to 200has. There are only a few places in Mexico that can offer the infrastructure and services we have. We have electric energy from our own substation, water, sewage, natural gas and fiber-optic available onsite, as well as a custom facility to do import-export processes. Additionally, we are located next to the Kansas City Southern Mexico Container Terminal so companies truly have an intermodal logistic.



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