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Montserrat Martínez

MEXICO - Industry

Montserrat Martínez

Brand and Product Director, Jaguar Land Rover México, Latin America & Caribbean


Montserrat Martínez previously served as Edelman’s brand VP and has an accredited trajectory of more than 18 years in branding and brand strategy, as well as strategic planning and implementation support for clients in the communications, finance, digital start-ups. and commerce industries in the US, Mexico, and Latin America. She has held key positions in the definition of communications, content, marketing strategies, alliances, and platform management multichannel for companies such as Grupo Editorial Expansión, Grupo Bimbo, Rassini and Entravision (within its digital division, TV, and radio), as well as the internal platform of MetLife communication for Mexico and Latin America and strategic advice for luxury and lifestyle brands.

"We were also affected by the global crisis, but our strong business structure supported our good results."
Jaguar Land Rover is employing a business strategy driven by the three key principles of design, quality, and sustainability to develop the best products for its customers.
What is the objective of the new “Reimagine” strategy being used by Jaguar Land Rover?

Reimagine is our global business strategy developed to lead the brands to our new future shaped by a modern luxury context where design, quality, and sustainability drive our actions to become the creators of the world’s most desirable luxury vehicles for the most discerning customers. This new vision is supported by developing new benchmarks in our customer experience, quality, and efficiency and a complete product line renewal towards pure-electric vehicles and zero carbon emissions across our supply chain, products, and operations by 2039. In 2024, the first all-electric Land Rover will be released and, for the next five years, we will deliver six pure electric variants to be the world leader of modern-luxury SUVs. As for Jaguar, the pace will speed-up becoming an all-electric luxury brand in the upcoming 2025. Our objective is to deliver all our portfolio for both brands as BEVs by the end of the decade and for all Land Rover products to be available as BEVs by the end of the decade. With this scope on mind, Reimagine is designed to embrace modern luxury perfectly merged with unique customer experiences and a positive social impact through our products, placing sustainability at the center of everything we do.

And what are the challenges of being a 100% electric brand in Mexico?

Transition towards becoming a 100% electric vehicle brand in Mexico would be faster than we believe today, specifically in luxury, where experience and technology meet innovation and mobility. In 2022, our brands already include in their portfolio mild hybrid vehicles (light hybrid vehicles), plug-in hybrid vehicles, and 100% electric vehicles, and our customers in Mexico already are enjoying them. We strategically chose to begin with mild hybrid vehicles that would gradually introduce our customers to this new electrified lifestyle. We do not believe in heading toward electrification from 0 to 100. We believe in a transition, and this strategy, which we have pursued since 2020, will contribute to
a 100% electrification.

In what ways are you adapting the brand to consumer needs?

Customer need have changed significantly the last past years and we are fully aware of that. The luxury segment is the pinnacle of new and re-shaped customer experiences within innovation and technology. Our Reimagine strategy includes very clearly how we are working to deliver this to our customers. We have supported every definition with bold customer research looking for mostly to their interests, lifestyle and experience touchpoints. Now, our planning and activities are curated in this new benchmark of modern luxury. We are also strengthening our partnerships with brands that really connect with customers as we do with all the above considerations. Naturally, they are involved in fashion, jewelry, and watches, gastronomy, and never-seen experiences, among others. Each event or activity we do is directed toward our unique customer experience.

How is Mexico’s growth shaping up for 2022 and 2023 compared to previous years?

We were also affected by the global crisis, but our strong business structure supported our good results. And as a positive effect of the past two years, we have more efficient operations and investments, and seek a workable balance between volume and product. Each and every car that arrives at our dealership is sold. There is also an important enrichment of the product mix. Also, we have an important strategy for the evolution of the dealer network. Currently, we have 13 dealers and plan for at least three more openings: a new retailer in Guadalajara, spectacular new facilities in Santa Fe, Mexico City; and retailers in Chihuahua and Tijuana. We also want to not only generate trust and comfort for customers, but also move forward in every customer experience touchpoint. Finally, multi-channel journeys are a must in our customer journey and we are strengthening our technological platforms and digital strategies to create the best digital experience for our customers’ lifestyles.



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