The Business Year

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Airlines and their service industries are reaching new economies of scale as they work to maximize operational efficiency, add new value, and pamper passengers all the more.

Edward Sirait

CEO, Lion Air Group

Indonesia is an archipelago, and air transportation will always be the main choice for people to travel between districts, cities, and islands because it is the most efficient in terms of cost and time. It is our duty to provide more services and deliver new domestic destinations and routes to strengthen our network connectivity in order to support our customers throughout Indonesia with Lion Air, Wings Air, and Batik Air. That said, Thailand and Malaysia are two large countries with strategic locations as potential international hubs for Lion Air Group. In addition, both are large primary coverage areas for international flight connectivity networks, especially in Asia.

Muhammad Awaluddin

President Director, PT Angkasa Pura II

PT Angkasa Pura II recorded a robust performance in the first semester of the year due to our operational efficiency after implementing information technology in our airports. The growth of the tourism industry in Indonesia also contributed to our overall performance, and the visa-on-arrival policy plays a significant role in boosting the number of air travel passengers. Moreover, we are committed to developing digital services at all of its airports. Indonesia is a country with high quality IT infrastructure, and we must take advantage of this to drive digital services in order to add value for passengers. In driving digital transformation, we focus on three pillars: customer experience, efficiency in operational systems, and our business model. To digitalize our services, we introduced a mobile application called Indonesia Airport, which further enhances the customer experience.

Iwan Joeniarto

President & CEO, Iwan Joeniarto

The maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) business, especially on the domestic side, is growing by about 9% YoY. According to our data, there is potential to grow more than 10% and this is an opportunity for MRO to create growth. GMF’s strategy is to grow the group and be one of the top-10 MROs in the world in the coming years. We have two strategies: one organic and one inorganic. The first is to improve capability and increase capacity. In the second, we plan to form collaborations with a partner to expand GMF in the domestic and international market. Recently, we signed an MoU with our partner in South Korea because, like Indonesia, its growth is excellent. In South Korea, there is no institution concentrating on the MRO sector, and we need to be closer to our customers in South Korea. The strategy in South Korea is to have light maintenance and a fast-moving component and hangar.

Diono Nurjadin

President & CEO, Cardig Aero Services (CAS)

Our business is primarily supporting the key players, namely airlines, in the aviation industry with support services. While we have a small investment, our core business in airport services includes some of the fastest-growing airlines in the world. In terms of fleet capacity, Lion Air and Garuda have ordered a lot of aircraft, though Sriwijaya is ordering aircraft as well. Then, we have Air Asia, which is active in Indonesia. CAS is the largest private company doing this, and we focus primarily on international airlines, with state-owned entities working for the state-owned airlines. Our market share for international airlines in Jakarta is well over 70%, and in other airports such as Bali and Surabaya, it is the majority. However, going forward we would also like to focus on some domestic airlines. Traditionally, airlines start by doing all the services themselves, but as they grow the business, they begin outsourcing support services.



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