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Moustafa Osman

OMAN - Transport

Moustafa Osman

Country Manager, DHL


Moustafa Osman is an experienced manager in the logistics and trade industry, with both high commercial and operations leadership. He counts 16 years with DHL, having worked and lived in Brussels, France, Singapore, the UAE, Bahrain, Algeria, and Kuwait before being appointed Country Manager in Oman. Prior to his DHL experience, he worked in various sales and operations roles in Europe and then joined Exxon Mobil Paris. He holds a double major in international business and finance from Paris Graduate School of Management.

As a result of its strong infrastructure and thorough contingency and accelerated development plans, DHL was able to emerge from the pandemic in a stronger position.

What has DHL learnt from the pandemic?

The pandemic showed us that we have to be resilient, flexible, and think outside the box in order to deal with new circumstances. In addition, it has given greater importance to social issues such as safety, health, security, and so on. When it comes to operations, DHL is on the right track. We trust and follow our own business plan, which is in line with what is happening in the world. The pandemic has accelerated our expectations in terms of volume. However, we were able to manage this situation with our strong infrastructure and thorough contingency and accelerated development plans. This has also shown us how important it is to invest in the future.

How do you expect demand for your services to evolve in the medium term?

With the pandemic, we are now playing an even-bigger role in facilitating trade across the world, and our services are evolving significantly more than in previous years. Furthermore, there has been an increase in the digitalization aspect, leading to high demand on e-commerce. In this regard, our services will evolve, and we will continue to support global trade and provide new solutions that suit the need of our customers today. Sustainability has always been an important subject of focus for DPDHL, and with our 2050 zero-emissions strategy in place, we are set to do what is necessary to protect our environment and show the importance of acting responsibly.

How is DHL helping the logistics sector gain importance in Oman?

DHL is currently present in 220 countries and territories across the globe; we think globally but act locally. We are on board with the 2040 vision and are in contact with all stakeholders, so that Oman will be able to develop its logistics sector as planned. We now have our own aircraft landing in Oman six times a week, and another one is possible as well. In addition, we have invested in main facilities at the Muscat international airport, Sohar, SLL and further development might be in the pipeline in many areas such as Duqm. In addition, we are currently investing in a sizable facility of 17,000-sqm at Muscat International Airport.

What technological solutions are you developing in terms of last-mile delivery?

We have focused on developing solutions that make last-mile delivery more efficient, to ensure customers receive their shipment on time and improve our delivery service. For instance, we have applications such as On Demand Delivery (ODD), a digital platform of organizing delivery for consumers. This ODD sends a message directly to the customer’s smartphone, enabling them to adjust their delivery options. This technology helps us with address identification, ensuring greater productivity, and more efficiency in the delivery process. The app is heavily embedded in our process.

How can the logistics sector help Omani companies with that additional competitive advantage that they need in their supply chains?

Logistics is providing Oman with all the possible competitive advantages. We can now ensure more direct flights and direct connections with the major trade lanes of Oman. This is possible because Oman has a strong logistics set up, with all the major players of the world. Now, we must ensure we have more trade lanes, which would help facilitate the Sultanate’s plan and direction of motivating exports.

What are your main objectives for the next year?

We have an extremely aggressive investment plan in Oman, such as our investment at the airport for which we plan to start construction work by the end of the year. In addition, we plan to upgrade our service centers and operational capabilities in major cities, such as Sohar, Salalah, and so on. We are also implementing a more comprehensive distribution chain for B2C shipments and introducing more delivery options for the e-commerce business and the B2Cs. That said, DHL is also focusing on safety and ensuring we continue with shipping in the vaccines.



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