The Business Year

Gina Diez Barroso de Franklin

CEO & Founder, Grupo Diarq

Angélica Fuentes Téllez

Executive President, Grupo Omnilife & Founder of Angelí­ssima

How did you go about setting up your company? GINA DIEZ BARROSO DE FRANKLIN The company was incorporated in 1990. Construction projects the world over are usually divided into four […]

How did you go about setting up your company?

GINA DIEZ BARROSO DE FRANKLIN The company was incorporated in 1990. Construction projects the world over are usually divided into four stages: starting with real estate, the architectural project, actual construction, and finally interior design. Having to deal with four different companies only slows down the process. I decided to push forward the idea of establishing Diarq, a full vertical company with a real estate division, and a construction company with architects and interior designers on site. We have 12 architects and a team of interior designers within the company, and represent over 30 brands of furniture, lighting, and fabrics from the US and Europe, which we distribute throughout Mexico. This has enabled us to make a huge difference in the industry: by having total control over projects, we benefit our clients in terms of time and cost by delivering to them exactly what they expect from the outset. Moreover, we have facilitated the work of architects and interior designers, who plan entire projects together, keeping in mind the particularities of each assignment.

ANGÉLICA FUENTES TÉLLEZ Omnilife/Angelí­ssima is continually searching for new designs and developments of the highest quality standards. The success of these products allows users to observe results and benefits within 18 months in all the countries where we do business. Angelí­ssima’s portfolio is growing in 14 countries with skin care and make up products with the highest quality suppliers. Since the launch of Angelí­ssima in 2010, there has been a sustainable growth, which has accelerated over the past two years. We developed 19 new products and a new collection of 22 eye shadows specially designed for the Latin woman. We created a research center for the development of new formulas. In addition, we opened an operation center and reinforced the marketing department. In 2013, we opened three beauty academies, where we give useful make-up, skin and hair care courses in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Juárez.

What is unique about your contribution to Mexican society?

GDBDF Our vision is to combine education and innovation with business and entrepreneurship. Our educational subsidiary Centro offers eight undergraduate degrees, Master’s degrees including our new graduate program CMBA, or Creative MBA: a product that does not exist anywhere else. Since innovation and creativity are two essential elements in the formation of future professionals, Centro emphasizes more the process over the result: if the process is perfect, so too, will be the result. The university has grown so much over the past few years that we are about to move to new 24,000 sqm LEED GOLD certificated facilities. We will develop housing units in the new area in order to provide accommodation for students not only from Mexico but from many parts of the world. Our future projects include expanding our educational activates to Miami, Madrid, São Paulo, and Bogotá. We are highly involved in philanthropic activities; I personally have four foundations of which I am extremely proud. One of them deals with domestic violence where we take in women with their children for as long as four months, offering them shelter, psychological support, and training opportunities so they can become more independent, and we can even get them a new identity if needed.

AFT The philosophy of Omnilife/Angelí­ssima is summed up in our motto: “People taking care of people”. Corporate policies such as Flextime, Home Office and the Model for Gender Equity (MEG) have been implemented in our workplaces. We have also focused on creating a fairer working environment for all, in favor of those that are a part of the company. Through these measures, we aim to purvey employees with the possibility of balancing their private and professional lives while furthering their development. Moreover, the implementation of the MEG has led Omnilife/Angelí­ssima to the forefront of companies in terms of policies and practices with a gender perspective, while in 2013 it became the first Mexican company to sign the Women’s Empowerment Principles established by the UN Women.

Global Standards gave the supply chain plant in Guadalajara the ISO14001 certificate. This states that our manufacturing plant uses a standard model of environmental management, which is environmentally friendly.



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