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These Mubadala healthcare and research facilities prioritize innovation as well as world-class service and standards to contribute to public health while supporting the local economy in the best way possible.

Omar Al Naqbi

Executive Director, Healthpoint & Acting Executive Director, Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children

Healthpoint, a Mubadala Health partner, accounts for close to 35% of the market and covers a full spectrum of medical care. We have a physician-led committee that oversees innovations and research. Our physicians are leaders in their respective fields and members of societies around the world. Healthpoint has 12 specialty service lines, each headed by a wonderful team that combines international standards and the latest innovations with a local understanding and knowledge to create a personalized, world-class hospital experience. As a result, we are constantly ushering in new technologies and innovations to our fold, including recently bringing two new pioneering services to the region. One was in the vascular medicine department where we introduced VeinGogh technology. This minimally invasive procedure uses laser technology to remove spider veins, a process that was formerly done with needles. We have also introduced Mako robotic surgery for hip and knee replacement through our orthopedics and sports medicine department. We are the first in the UAE and the wider region to perform such surgery. On the UAE’s 51t National Day, we celebrated 51 successful surgeries using the robotic arm. Innovation and technology remain the top priority for Healthpoint’s executive team, and we will continue to explore and bring new technology and innovation to the region.

Dr. Laila AbdelWareth

Executive Director, National Reference Laboratory

NRL was founded in 2010 as part of a strategic partnership for knowledge transfer and model replication between Mubadala Investment Company and Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings (LabCorp), a US-based healthcare company with one of the world’s largest and leading clinical laboratory networks. The establishment of NRL increased the spectrum, coverage, and overall efficiency of laboratory testing in the UAE providing clinicians and patients with an in-country solution aligned to world-class standards. As part of NRL’s commitment to patient care, we have continued to invest in specialized areas of laboratory medicine to help with the diagnosis of complex disorders and position the UAE as a global leader in diagnostic testing. Today, NRL operates and manages 10 laboratories across the UAE, as well as providing referral testing services to over 250 clients in the region. NRL continues to invest in the future by partnering with government, academic and private institutions to support education, training and research, helping to enhance clinical practices in the UAE and develop innovative digital diagnostic solutions to cater for locally prevalent disorders. The recent launch of M42, a first-of-its-kind, tech-enabled, integrated healthcare company created through the coming together of G42 Healthcare and Mubadala Health, provides an exciting opportunity for NRL to continue to grow and develop in the digital space.

Ali Ibrahim Mohamed Alsaffar

Acting Executive Director, Capital Health Screening Centre (CHSC)

We are a trusted partner for most private and public organizations in Abu Dhabi and have modeled our services to be as convenient as possible for those that require them. We are geographically spread in Abu Dhabi, with two centers here; moreover, we have four mobile clinics, which contain all the equipment found in our screening centers. CHSC is often the starting point for many new Abu Dhabi residents, and we are incredibly privileged to help them with settling into the Emirate. We help ensure that Abu Dhabi residents can easily apply for visa services without any hurdles regarding medical screening. We can deliver results consistently and contribute to public health. As a Mubadala Health partner, we have the privilege of working with several specialist healthcare brands, which gives us easy access to other networks whereby we overcome current challenges through synergy with those entities and their experts. Mubadala Health grants us access to international and local experts to grow the business. As CHSC, our primary objectives are strengthening our reputation in the market and ensuring that our quality services are delivered uninterrupted and up to the expectations of Mubadala Health and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and ultimately, continue to empower our local talent and contribute to the economy.



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