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Sarah Staal

Chief Administrative Officer, Healthpoint

Being part of Mubadala’s network of healthcare providers, we are committed to meeting the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 of satisfying patients’ needs in the country by expanding our offerings. This involves recruiting top international talent, fostering a patient-centered approach to every condition we treat, and providing our physicians and specialists with the necessary tools, technologies, and processes to treat patients in house. From an R&D standpoint, we have received approval for our human subject research by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD), and we currently have three studies underway. Innovation and channeling our experience is key for the development of Healthpoint. This is also the reason we are partnering with some of the world’s finest institutions, such as Children’s National Medical Center in the US, Wooridul Spine Centre in South Korea, and Manchester City Football Club in UK, as it allows us to share and transfer knowledge between international experts and our very own physicians. In order to deliver the best possible patient care we have formed collaborative relationships with a number of world-leading health organizations, including the other providers within the Mubadala network; Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (ICLDC) and Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, as well as international institutions such as the Children’s National Medical Center

Dr. Tomislav Mihaljevic

CEO, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

We had a busy year on a number of fronts. First of all, we grew and expanded physically by adding 100 beds to our hospital, bringing the number to 250. We have also greatly increased the capacity of our outpatient and ambulatory services, and have almost tripled the number of patients we see through the year. We are well known for our cardiovascular excellence, with 22 years of experience as leaders in this field. Since then we have introduced new treatments that go from robotic heart surgery for blockages of heart vessels, coronary by-pass surgery, and also for the treatment of valve disease. We also have a sophisticated treatment for all kinds of arrhythmia, including implanting wireless pacemakers to regulate the heartbeat, which are much simpler and safer. We also provide catheter-based interventions for patients too sick to undergo heart surgery. In other areas, we have also introduced unique treatments such as a 24-hour monitoring epilepsy treatment and the 24/7 treatment of strokes through a specialized center based in Abu Dhabi. We have substantially improved the outcomes of the patients through our advanced services that can remove blood clots from the brain and help stroke victims to recover better and faster, and can often be a life saving intervention.


Executive and Medical Director, Dr. SAF NAQVI

At ICLDC, research and public awareness go hand in hand. We feel that there are factors other than obesity that cause diabetes in the native population. The research we do seeks to discover why this is the case. Given the link between diabetes and obesity, we also study the causes behind the exponential growth of obesity in the region. As our understanding of the condition improves, we get progressively better at adapting treatments to suit our patients’ individual needs. Through our research, we know that the health challenges are due to the prevalence of sedentary lifestyles typical in hot climates, unhealthy food choices, high levels of comfort owing to the country’s rapid development, as well as traditional and cultural barriers towards exercise. Our public health awareness campaigns seek to counter these trends. When it comes to diabetes prevention, our message is simple: sticking to a balanced diet, maintaining a healthy body weight, and adopting regular exercise can prevent, manage, and, in some cases, even reverse diabetes. For over 10 years, we have engaged the Abu Dhabi community and the UAE as part of the region’s longest public health awareness campaign on the impact of diabetes on quality of life—Diabetes. Knowledge. Action.



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