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KUWAIT - Industry

Mubarak Mohammad Sabah Al Sabah

General Manager, ASLAA General Trading and Contracting Company


Mubarak Mohammad Sabah Al Sabah is the founder of ASLAA General Trading and Contracting Company and has held the position of General Manager since 2007. He has over 15 years’ experience in general trading and contracting in the core business areas of corporate sponsorship and representation services, logistics and supply chain management services, engineering procurement and construction services, demolition, and recycling services. Al Sabah holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration/accounting from Gulf University for Science & Technology – Kuwait.

"ASLAA’s leadership model was developed to satisfy our clients."
With 15 years of expertise in general contracting in the Kuwaiti market, ASLAA was established with a vision to differentiate itself by serving its clients with a comprehensive portfolio to achieve projects within time and quality.
What makes ASLAA so successful in the market, and what are the main areas of the company’s operation?

ASLAA’s leadership model was developed to satisfy our clients. Our thorough understanding of the local market drives impact and delivers meaningful milestones, and the group thinking fosters an internal collaborative environment that leads to developing internal capabilities and talents to sustain our innovative vision. Kuwait’s needs are different from other Gulf countries, and the government’s approach to transforming Kuwait is based on Vision 2035, which aims to transfer the country into a financial and trade hub regionally and internationally to become more attractive to investors. In accordance with that, we set strategic plans to create an opportunity to provide our services and products. ASLAA is divided into two divisions, from which each has subunits. These are the associated service division and the product division. In the service wing of our operation, we have several units: general contracting, high-voltage contracting, logistics, demolition, and scrap. The product division has the engineering product sales unit and the corporate sponsoring unit. The selection of these units is specifically set for the added value we can provide during the phases in parallel to the demand and development of the state of Kuwait to support the government with its plans and to develop its buildings, structures, and infrastructure to meet the Kuwait 2035 vision. The power requirements and the infrastructure related to the state vision are in high demand, and, accordingly, we plan to provide our services to add value with the help of our international partners. Lastly but not finally, thanks to our understanding of Vision 2035, we can determine the right strategies and deliver successful projects under solid services four successful divisions.

Which phases of Vision 2035 are you most interested in, and how will you contribute?

ASLAA is focusing on redeveloping the existing infrastructure and investment in infrastructure projects focused on power sector, which lead to the access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy. Currently, the focus is on developing the country physically, with master planning efforts continuing. The next phases will be determined by the government in terms of privatization according to the laws, which will allow us to continue to improve our expertise and build on our experience, which achieve building resilient infrastructure, promotes inclusive and sustainable local industrialization, and our company innovation.

What major projects is the company actively engaged in, and how do you continue to be successful in your niche?

ASLAA’s high voltage contracting unit is actively involved in supply and installation of cables up to 400kV, which is approved by Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW) to carry out civil works related to laying of underground cables up to 400kV along with other high-voltage works pertaining to construction and commissioning of substations and overhead transmission lines, ranges from engineering and execution to testing and commissioning. This dedicated unit also offers turnkey solutions for engineering and construction of high-voltage substations and overhead transmission lines from concept to completion through its associated EPC companies that are approved by MEW-Kuwait. It positions itself uniquely in this field by utilizing its in-house experience and expertise in providing equipment such as transformers, cables, and switchgears from its principal manufactures who are approved by MEW-Kuwait, recycling and demolition. One of the biggest projects successfully accomplished by ASLAA’s contracting unit is the Al-Sawaber complex downtown. It consists of 33 buildings that were demolished so the government could redevelop the area. One of the biggest projects in Kuwait, it took us approximately nine months to hand over the 33 eight-floor buildings. It was successfully handed over ahead of schedule, on budget, with a zero-accident safety record, exceeding our delivery goal while focused on safety as a paramount requirement. We continue being successful by being the lowest unique bidder, and so we have been winning continuous tenders, extending our duration from two years to nearly 10 years, with ongoing contracts.



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