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Mubarak Nabil Jaffar

KUWAIT - Economy

90% Coverage in Kuwait

CEO, Kuwait London Company (KLC)


Mubarak Jaffar is the CEO & Co-Founder of Kuwait London Company. He graduated with a degree in Management from Royal Holloway University of London in 2011 and also obtained a Master’s degree in Management in the MENA Region from SOAS University of London (School of Oriental and African Studies) in 2012. Kuwait London Company was set up in 2008 by the Jaffar family and he expanded the company’s restaurant business in 2012 to operate eight brands with 18 restaurant outlets across Kuwait. He was also a former Partner at an online food delivery platform that operated across the GCC.

“Our biggest success was to find small delivery friendly locations across different areas in Kuwait.“

What are the main achievements and successes that you are proud of as CEO of KLC?

Our biggest success was to find small delivery friendly locations across different areas in Kuwait that met our requirements. We set up our first restaurant in 2009 that delivered to several nearby areas; now we cover nearly 90% of the areas in Kuwait across all of our eight brands. We have been able to fully utilize these locations and operate several brands from the same area efficiently. A key factor has been to deliver using a combination of our own fleet and a third party, which has improved our overall efficiency significantly. We did this to better utilize our kitchens. A lot of things have happened along the way as the market has matured to the point of saturation, so now it is about continuously improving the quality of our product and service whilst offering the best prices.

Can you tell us about your positive work culture?

Each and every one of our team members has played an important role in developing this company. We continuously strive to recruit people that complement our hard working and dedicated team and we strongly believe in creating a positive, fair and friendly working environment whereby each team member’s opinion matters. All our managers have an open-door policy and everyone is encouraged to get involved and contribute to improving the business.

What strategies did you find during expansion that helped you reduce operational costs?

As the business grew and so did our costs, specifically in the head office and marketing. Several departments had to be set up to manage this expansion which eventually encouraged us to continue our expansion across the country. These costs encouraged us to expand faster to bring in more revenue and also have a higher contribution towards our head office and our marketing resources. As we expanded we were able to hire more experienced personal who supported us in expanding more efficiently.

What are your expansion plans and goals for the coming year?

We have recently opened a large central kitchen in Jahra and are working on several new concepts targeting underserved cuisines such as breakfast, dessert, and fried chicken in specific areas in Kuwait. We are also studying the opportunity of expanding our brands across the GCC.



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