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KUWAIT - Health & Education

Mustafa Boushahri

General Manager, Boushahri Group


Mustafa Boushahri is a Kuwaiti entrepreneur and the Managing Director of Boushahri Group, founded by his father Jawad Boushahri in 1969. Prior to joining Boushahri Group in 1999, he acquired a post-graduate degree in accounting. He has always valued the powerful role of employees reflected by a corporate culture that is shaped by increased job engagement and timid employee turnover.

"Our strategy is about believing more in the team than the brands."
Mustafa Boushahri is General Manager of Boushahri Group.
What strategies and qualities ensure the sustainable growth of your organization?

Our strategy is about believing more in the team than the brands. Brands come and go, but our team stays and grows together. Employees are the real asset of our investment—I learned this from my father. He treated all the employees like family. When I joined the company, I first learned as much as possible about all the aspects of the business and then continued with the leadership my father had established. Our employees know they can always come and discuss things with me because my door is always open. At the end of the day, they know more about the market and provide me with their experience. By listening to their feedback and opinions, I can make more informed and market-appropriate decisions. Boushahri takes great care and pride in the partnerships it fosters and the brands it offers to its customers. We know the market well, and we work diligently to succeed.

What projects or developments do you have in the pipeline for the Boushahri Group?

It is important to prepare yourself for upcoming development. We are living in one world, and everything will eventually affect us. With the events happening around the world such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine and China’s influence in Taiwan, raw materials and products are becoming more expensive. We are fortunate to have a positive cash flow with the government in the Gulf states; however, the government will not go to the private sector and give money to support their losses. Some will fail or eventually close. The slowdown will reach our region. For us, 2023 will be about focusing and securing our market share in the country, as we are not sure what the future may hold.



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