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Mustafa Maqbool Ali Al Lawati

OMAN - Industry

Mustafa Maqbool Ali Al Lawati

CEO, Oman Investment and Development Holding Company (Mubadrah)


Mustafa Maqbool Ali Al Lawati graduated from Sultan Qaboos University with a degree in accounting. He worked for an auditing company for two years before joining Madayn. He went on to become a financial manager here for nine years. He later became the financial controller, and has been in his current position since 2018.

As the developer and operator of Madayn, Mubadrah is attracting investors and developers to the Sultanate via investment opportunities in industrial cities.

One of your objectives is provide infrastructure to Madayn Industrial Cities that meets the best international standards for all investment sectors. Which policies have been developed to attain this goal?

Mubadrah provides infrastructure and an upper steam in the areas of Madayn according to the best standards known to all investment sectors, through which it contributed to the development of policies to provide a suitable work environment and living environment for workers in Madayn’s cities. It also focuses on the design and launch of development projects and strategic redevelopment in all the cities of Madayn. Accordingly, we recently launched an initiative to develop the logistics area in Rusayl Industrial City as well as the facility building and the entire road infrastructure in Rusayl Industrial City.

Mubadrah assumes the role of developer and operator of Madayn. The pandemic has also seen an acceleration in the digitalization of services and operations. How is Mubadrah using the latest digital tools to manage its operations within the cities?

The company has the latest digital programs in the operations departments in the industrial cities, which are managed by an initiative. These digital services and the specialized team that works on their management play a major role in facilitating and developing this digital acceleration to digitalize operations and manage them in the right and integrated manner.

The industrial cities pertaining to Madayn have substantially streamlined their investment procedures for foreign investors. What is the long-term potential of this electronic switch?

In the last three years, we have been studying investment opportunities in the industrial cities and attracting investors and developers to the Sultanate. Accordingly, the program also focused on raising the level of readiness of the industrial cities through the existence of legislation, regulations, and an integrated infrastructure in various industrial cities that would enable investors and developers to start their investments in the Sultanate. In addition, the company has worked to attract investors and developers to the Sultanate and industrial cities by providing various basic services in these cities and making them attractive cities to live and provide a decent life for all its residents, through the application of the rule (living-life-work) in the industrial cities.

Vision 2040 focuses on reshaping the roles of and relation between the public, private, and civil sectors. How have Mubadrah and Madayn been a key player for attaining diversified growth in the country?

The partnership program with the private sector was established to separate the tasks of legislator and regulator, and developer and operator. The program helps to find strategic partners that have financial solvency, belief, and experience in managing industrial areas and cities, so that their expertise and capabilities are employed in operating and developing industrial cities, achieving financial returns from selling company shares to developing the rest of the industrial cities, and reducing the burden on the Sultanate’s budget in developing infrastructure. We also want them to reinvest part of the funds in projects with a material and economic return for Madayn and its subsidiaries.

What are Mubadrah’s main priorities for the medium to long-term for the rest of this year and into 2022?

Our goal is to find the best way of continuing the partnership with the government sector just like what we have done and move forward on the development aspects, similar to what we have done in Rusayl Industrial City. We will also evaluate Rusayl’s transformation methodology in order to have a future plan to do the same for other cities.



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