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Photography for State Street.  Executive leadership team head shots.


Nadine Chakar

CEO, Securrency


Nadine Chakar assumed the role of CEO at Securrency in January 2023. Previously, she served as executive vice president and head of State Street digital. She also led State Street global markets, where she oversaw its trading, product, and operations platform, helping to drive successful client solutions. Prior to State Street, she served as global head of operations for Manulife’s global wealth and asset management division and led the global asset servicing teams for BNY Mellon.

"We are building the next generation of capital markets infrastructure on blockchain."
Nadine Chakar is CEO of Securrency.
What is Securrency’s main philosophy, and how does it harness the power of blockchain technology?

We are building the next generation of capital markets infrastructure on blockchain. The purpose is noble: to provide liquidity and financial freedom for all. Blockchain has allowed the free movement of capital and securities around the world. With the infrastructure we are deploying, capital markets will be able to operate with additional liquidity and be better, faster, and more efficient. We have been working for seven years now to build our capital markets infrastructure, and we have one of the most prominent fund managers in the US: Wisdom Tree. We believe we can change the world, at least the capital markets world, with the technology we are rolling out, and we are seeing early signs of being on the road to broad deployment.

How does Securrency contribute to the growth of various economic sectors and different industries in Abu Dhabi through decentralized finance?

Tokenization is one of the elements of our capital markets infrastructure that we support. There is tokenization and data management when one operates any type of security. Tokenization is a vast market estimated to be worth USD16 trillion in assets. We believe the future is about tokenization, and Securrency has a great shot at tokenizing the world’s assets. Our contribution is deploying the infrastructure and being an infrastructure-to-infrastructure provider. There are many financial market infrastructure providers, exchanges, ICICs, and so on. In Abu Dhabi, many of our sovereign wealth funds are invested in private markets and private equity that are not all liquid. To gain liquidity, they have to sell assets. We are able to provide alternatives. Our ability to support carbon credit tokenization in trading fits in well with COP28 and the sustainability objectives outlined by ADGM. We offer our clients a safe way to unwrap and divide, because we have patents. Securrency has a unique way of looking at compliance rules and respecting all the international frameworks. Our strong account management and digital identity is key.



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