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Dr. Mohammad H. Al Suliman



CEO, Najm


Dr. Mohammad H. Al Suliman was appointed CEO of Najm in 2019 after holding leadership positions in various sectors. Prior to joining Najm, he served as VP corporate development at the Saudi Telecom Company (STC). Earlier, he was COO at the Saudi Kuwaiti Finance House and VP of Klever Marketing in the US. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in information systems from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), a master’s in the same field, and a PhD in strategic management and information technology from Claremont Graduate University in the US.

TBY talks to Dr. Mohammad H. Al Suliman, CEO of Najm on finance sector.

How have you rebranded your organization, and how do you continue to offer your services?

Najm has been around since 2007, doing accident reporting, insurance policy reconciliation, and serving as hub for the insurance industry. In March 2019, we unveiled a new corporate identity to change the community’s perceptions, as we change the way we provide our services. Today, Najm is keen to become more customer focused and sales driven, rather than just being an actively operational organization. Najm’s approach is aligned with Vision 2030 in regard to full automation, AI, IoT, and machine-to-machine communications. We have successfully accomplished the automation of all our services. We also want to have innovative solutions like “scenarios creation” for accidents, because we sometimes have trouble determining liability among the parties involved in an accident. Najm is on track to becoming a big data company and intends to use that to improve quality of life for people in Saudi Arabia.

How do you envision using the data you collect for policy recommendations to improve road safety?

Najm provides what we call “non-organic growth.” Our new strategy goes through other agencies as well, making Najm similar to a critic bureau style. We try to estimate the insured’s likelihood for risk, which helps insurance companies give the insured a no-claim discount based on the insured’s track. This is a big boost for us, because we have helped many customers get lower rates. The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) is the biggest driver behind Najm, in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior. It truly enables Najm, as we are the only organization providing such services. On another level, we are making fraud protection a priority and working to raise the awareness of fraud. We are also engaging in strategic links with the leader companies in IT market to utilize their solutions to improve road safety and increase efficiency. œ–



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