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Nasser Al Ansari Chairman, Just Real Estate (JRE)

QATAR - Real Estate & Construction

Nasser Al Ansari

Chairman, Just Real Estate (JRE)


Nasser Al Ansari, Chairman of Just Real Estate, graduated in civil engineering from the University of Miami in the US and holds an Executive MBA (EMBA) from HEC Paris. He has gained a wealth of experience across all areas of the real estate sector over the course of his career, allowing him to spearhead the launch of Just Real Estate.

JRE believes that Qatar will see many new real estate investors from around the world as a result of the World Cup and the new laws of foreign ownership.
Real estate in Qatar has been booming in the past decades. How would you assess the role of JRE during this time during the sector?

The company has adopted a few innovative methods to promote real estate. One of the key aspects of the company is a focus on marketing. The marketing department is essential for the company. We are not just a broker; we go beyond that by being a solutions provider for real estate investors. We do many market surveys. We are a licenses property evaluator. We do a great deal of development management and advisory and asset management. We offer services in a more professional way. IT is important in the company; we are working on developing this but are facing challenges in terms of attracting the talent with the right capabilities. There are now new methods of promoting real estate either through social media or search engines. We are not just relying on contacting people; we are trying to remove the middleman perceptions. Our aim is to take the customer where they need to go based on their requirements. We are licensed as true real estate agents because the brokerage law has helped regulate the industry. The more professionals there are in this business, the fairer competition will be. The industry would otherwise be highly vulnerable and be subject to a great deal of speculators, which would impact clients, investors, and tenants.

What added value are real estate clients looking for when they approach JRE?

Our clients are looking for clear, straightforward service. They want a deal, a great location, and excellent contractual legal terms. We have great legal, sales, and marketing teams. We handle a situation from A to Z. We make the connections and prepare the entire contract. After a tenant has signed a lease and moved in, even though our job is technically complete, we still follow up with those who have issues with their landlords and resolve them. If they come back seeking advice, we will help.

JRE is currently present in Turkey, Lebanon, the UK, and the US. Do you plan to enter new markets?

My strategy as a business in Qatar is to expand overseas; that is one of our strategies for 2022. Some 90% of our work is in Qatar. We plan to expand further into Egypt, the UK, Turkey, and other countries. I am also considering Central Asia, such as Uzbekistan. I would like to set up a franchise JRE in these locations and establish a proper office with proper agents. Once our CRM and IT plans are complete, we will be able to put staff in the office and teach them how to broker and generate revenue from this business.

What impact will the World Cup have on the sector, and will these potential changes impact your priorities for 2023?

There will be almost 100,000 millionaire visitors during the World Cup coming with their families. After the World Cup, many people will leave, and many will stay. On top of that, Qatar has proven itself in the health and education sectors. With the World Cup fervor and people looking at this country, there will be many people coming for different reasons. Secondly, people are seeking a better place to live. Qataris today are learning how to invest and save. The first opportunities to invest will be real estate and the stock market. The laws of foreign ownership will also encourage many expats to invest when they find affordable homes available to purchase. If we look at all these factors, after the World Cup, there will be growth. As for plans for JRS, I want to find new and more sophisticated talent. I also want to build a proper IT platform. My priority is to encourage new methods of buildings that require less labor.



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